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High Purity Copper Sulfide CuS CAS 1317-40-4, 99%

Copper sulfide has the chemical formula CuS. It is dark brown and extremely insoluble.Particle size : 100mesh

Purity: 99.99%

Product Name: CuS Powder Copper Sulfide Powder CAS 1317-40-4

Purity: minimum 99%

Coppersulfide, or coppersulphide, is an inorganic substance. Copper Sulfide Chemical Formula is: CuS. The cuprous ion is dark brown in color and is very polar. Insoluble. This is the second most insoluble substance (after silver sulfide). Its poor solubility causes some reactions that seem unacceptable.

About Copper sulfide cuS powder:

Copper Sulfide is inorganic compound, with chemical formula cuS. It is black and brown powder or granular material. The insoluble nature of this substance makes it one of most difficult to dissolve. The bonding of copper sulfide can’t be accurately described as simple oxidation forms, because the properties are covalent and not ionic. This results in a complex band structure.

Copper sulfide is a mineral and compound that can be divided in three categories: mixed single sulfide , single sulfide , and disulfide . Copper sulfide, also known as cuprizone, is a naturally occurring mineral. It conducts electrical currents moderately. Minerals and synthetic materials both contain copper sulfide.

Copper sulfide refers to a variety of compounds and minerals that are used in the production of synthetic and natural materials. Copper sulfide minerals are important economic ores. Copper sulfides include Cu2S (chalcocite) as well as CuS (copper porphyry). In the mining world, chalcopyrite or bornite, which is a copper-iron mixed sulfide compound, is often called “copper” sulfide. The composition of copper-sulfides is very variable, and can include many nonstoichiometric substances.

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How does Copper sulfide cuS powder get produced?

The reaction between sulfur and copper is not able to be heated directly, and the result will be a mixture of cuprous sulfide.

2Cu+S==^==Cu2S , Cu+S==^==CuS

Copper powder and sulfur can be dissolved in carbon dioxide at 100 degrees to make pure copper-sulfide.

Cu+S==100 , CS2==CuS

Double decomposition is used to prepare copper sulfide in the laboratory.

CuCl2+H2S====CuS|+2HCl (weak acid to strong acid)

This reaction may occur when copper sulfide becomes too insoluble and causes the equilibrium balance to shift to the left.


Application of Bismuth Oxide (Bi2O3) powder

Copper sulfide is used for the following purposes:

Solar cell

Superionic conductor


Conductive electrode

Photothermal spectrum analysis conversion equipment

Microwave shielding Coating

Radiowave absorbers that actively absorb radio waves

Gas sensor

Infrared Radiation Polarizer

Conditions of storage for Copper Sulfide (CuS) Powder:

Copper Sulfide CuS Powder cannot be exposed to the air. It should be packed in vacuum and kept in a room that is cool and dry. CuS Powder should also not be exposed to stress.

Packing & Shipping Copper Sulfide (CuS) Powder:

Copper Sulfide CuS Powder comes in many different packing options.

Copper Sulfide CuS Poudre packing: vacuum packaging, 100g,500g or 1kg/bag; 25kg/barrel.

Copper Sulfide CuS POWDER shipping: Could be shipped by sea, air, or by express as soon after payment receipt.

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Copper Sulfide Properties

Alternative Names
copper(II) sulfide, copper(II) sulphide, CuS powder

CAS Number

Compound Formula

Molecular Mass

Black Powder

Melting Point

Boiling Point

4.6 g/cm3

Solubility In H2O

Exact Quantity

Copper Sulfide Health & Safety Information

Sign Word

Hazard Statements

Hazard Codes

Risk Codes

Safety Declarations

Transport Information

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