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Molybdenum Disulfide MoS2 Powder CAS 1317-33-5 99% purity

What is molybdenum disulfide?

Molybdenum disulfide is an inorganic substance with the chemical formula MoS2, which is the main component of molybdenite. It is a solid black powder with a metallic luster. Melting point 2375℃, density 4.80g/cm³ (14℃), Mohs hardness 1.0~1.5.

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MoSi2 powder

Technical parameters of Molybdenum disulfide

Product name

Molybdenum disulfide

Chemical formula


Melting point






The purity


Particle size








Mohs hardness



Characteristics of molybdenum disulfide

Molybdenum disulfide is the main component of molybdenite. Black solid powder with a metallic luster. Chemical formula MoS2, melting point 2375℃, density 4.80g/cm3 (14℃), Mohs hardness 1.01.5. 1370℃ start to decompose, 1600℃ decompose into molybdenum metal and sulfur. 315℃ starts to be oxidized when heated in air; the oxidation reaction is accelerated when the temperature increases. Molybdenum disulfide is insoluble in water, dilute acid and concentrated sulfuric acid, generally insoluble in other acids, bases, and organic solvents, but soluble in aqua regia and boiling concentrated sulfuric acid. 400 ℃ slow oxidation occurs, generating molybdenum trioxide.

Molybdenum disulfide has a high content of active sulfur and is prone to the corrosion of copper, which is discussed in many books and papers on lubricant additives. In addition, when there are parts made of copper and its alloys that need to be lubricated, it is not impossible to use lubrication products containing molybdenum disulfide, but it is also necessary to add anti-copper corrosion agents.


Application of molybdenum disulfide

Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) is a two-dimensional layered material composed of two chemical elements, molybdenum and sulfur, with excellent optical, electrical, magnetic, force and thermal properties, and is therefore widely used in energy storage, catalysis, semiconductors, lubrication and other fields. Its main uses are as follows.

1. As additive of solid lubricant: MoS2 powder is known as "senior solid lubricant king," with friction coefficient between 0.05 and 0.09, good dispersion, non-bonding and anti-oxidation, etc. It can be added in various greases to form a colloidal state of no bonding, which can increase the lubricity and extreme pressure of grease. Make it more suitable for application in high temperature, high pressure, high speed and high load.

2. As a modifier for lithium-ion battery electrode materials: MoS2 is a low-dimensional transition metal layer material with a large distance between layers, thus giving it a high lithium ion holding capacity and wide ion transport channels.

3. As catalyst: MoS2 is expected to replace precious metal platinum for electrochemical hydrogen precipitation reaction because of its high catalytic activity, good chemical stability, preferentially exposed active sites and long-range/short-range ordered atomic arrangement.

4. Making transistors: Ultra-thin MoS2 transistors with lengths less than 100 nm offer greater possibilities for the large area popularity of high-performance flexible electronics such as medical monitors, fitness trackers, smart clothing and foldable smartphones.

5. For the bionic eye: Indium-doped molybdenum disulfide can effectively reduce the power consumption of the bionic eye and solve the problem of difficult integration of curved surface processing because of the characteristics of ultra-low power optical synapses.

6. For joint pain treatment: MoS2 coating is the key material of "targeting nanoprobe" in osteoarthritis targeting analgesia treatment nanotechnology.

7. For in situ gelation system: Texas A&M University has designed a new in situ gelation system without photoinitiator, which takes advantage of the photothermal properties of MoS2 and the inherent phase change capability of thermally responsive polymers, and exposure to near-infrared radiation activates dynamic polymer-nanomaterial interactions.


Packaging information:

Packaging of molybdenum disulfide powder: Vacuum packing, barrel, or as your request.

Shipping of molybdenum disulfide powder: ASAP

packing of product

Supplier of molybdenum disulfide powder

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