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Zinc Sulfide best price ZnS Powder CAS 1314-98-3 high purity

What is zinc sulfide powder?

Zinc sulfide is a group II-VI compound semiconductor material composed of sulfur and zinc. The molecular formula is ZnS; the molecular weight is 97.45, and the melting point is 1020℃(15MPa); white crystal, the lattice constant is 0.547nm; hexagonal crystal type, density is 4.08g/cm3. Almost insoluble in water but soluble in acid. It is almost insoluble in water but soluble in acid. It is converted to zinc sulfate when left in humid air for a long time. The forbidden bandwidth of zinc sulfide is 3.6eV, which is the widest among group II-VI compound semiconductor materials. Therefore, it can be made into blue light-emitting tubes. Zinc sulfide in powder form is the most important field light-emitting material and fluorescent photo material, which is used to prepare fluorescent screens for picture tubes, scoreboard displays, etc. Zinc sulfide is also used as window material and coating material in infrared optical materials.

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zinc sulfide

Technical parmeters of zinc sulfide

Product name

Zinc sulfide

Melting point


Boiling point





white to faint yellow

The purity


Particle size


Water solubility

Soluble in acids. insoluble in water.

The stability

Stable. May react with water to 

give toxic hydrogen sulfide. 

Incompatible with acids, 

strong oxidizing agents. 

Air and moisture sensitive.

CAS no.


Properties of zinc sulfide

Zinc sulfide, chemical formula ZnS. Zinc sulfide crystals have three different configurations.

Low-temperature type, i.e., sphalerite structure, which is abundant in nature, colorless cubic crystal with Zn, S coordination a number of 4 and relative density of 4.10. It turns into a high-temperature type at 1020°C;

High-temperature type, i.e. Zn fiber structure, colorless hexagonal crystal, Zn, S coordination number is 4; relative density is 3.98, melting point is about 1700℃, it is the high-temperature stable structure of Zn sulfide;

ZnS-H2O is a white powder with a relative density of 3.98 and a melting point of 1049°C. Zinc sulfide is insoluble in water and dilute alkali and insoluble in acetic acid but easily soluble in low concentrations of strong acids such as hydrochloric acid, emitting hydrogen sulfide.

Preparation of zinc sulfide

The solubility product of zinc sulfide is similar to the K1-K2 value of hydrogen sulfuric acid, so the following equilibrium exists in dilute acid: Zn2++H2S=2H++ZnS. It can be seen that in a strongly acidic zinc salt solution, zinc sulfide precipitation is not obtained by passing hydrogen sulfide gas.

In a zinc salt solution, the precipitation of zinc sulfide can be obtained by passing hydrogen sulfide gas, but the precipitation is incomplete. Using ammonium sulfide solution as a precipitant, zinc ions in zinc salt solution can be completely precipitated into zinc sulfide because ammonium sulfide solution is alkaline, which can reduce the acidity of the system. It is industrially produced by the above method and is operated under air isolation.

Alternatively, zinc sulfate solution is added to the reactor by the complex decomposition method, and ammonium sulfide is slowly added under stirring for the complex decomposition reaction to produce zinc sulfide and ammonium sulfate, which is removed by filtration, and then evaporated and concentrated, cooled and crystallized, and centrifuged to produce finished zinc sulfide.

Application of Zinc Sulfide

Zinc sulfide in powder form is the most important field luminescent material and photo-fluorescent material, which is used in the preparation of fluorescent screens for picture tubes and scoreboard displays. It is also a window material and coating material in infrared optical materials.

Zinc sulfide (ZnS) is widely used in the production of infrared windows, rectifiers and infrared optical components, with high purity, insoluble in water, moderate density, easy processing and other characteristics. Zinc sulfide (ZnS) has good refractive index uniformity and consistency, with high transmittance in the mid-infrared band, accompanied by shorter wavelengths and enhanced absorption and scattering. Zinc sulfide (ZnS) is highly resistant to harsh environments and has twice the hardness and fracture strength of zinc selenide (ZnSe).

Tough front optics for zinc sulfide (ZnS) thermal imaging systems for infrared windows and thermal wavelengths (8 to 14 μm).

Zinc sulfide (ZnS) oxidizes significantly at 300°C, shows plastic deformation at ~500°C, and dissociates at ~700°C. For safety reasons, zinc sulfide windows should not be used above 250°C in normal atmospheres.

Zinc sulfide is also used as an analytical reagent, a substrate for phosphors, and in the manufacture of dyes and curing oils.

Packaging information:

Packaging of zinc sulfide powder: Vacuum packing, barrel, or as your request.

Shipping of zinc sulfide powder: ASAP

packing of product

Supplier of Zinc sulfide powder

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