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Adding Fumed Silica to Liquids

What is Fumed Silica?

Fumed Silica is a form of silicon dioxide, or silicon, with the molecular formula SiO2 and a molecular weight of 60.0843 g/mol. Fumed silica is also known as pyrogenic silica.

 It is an odorless white powder consisting of droplets of fused silica cooled by forming three-dimensional chains. These are organized into particles of amorphous matter of very low apparent density and very high specific surface area. Fumed silica is insoluble in water. Fumed silica (CAS number 112945-52-5), also known as pyrogenic silica because it is produced in a flame, consists of microscopic droplets of amorphous silica fused into branched, chainlike, three-dimensional secondary particles which then agglomerate into tertiary particles. The resulting powder has an extremely low bulk density and high surface area. Its three-dimensional structure results in viscosity-increasing, thixotropic behavior when used as a thickener or reinforcing filler.


Adding Fumed Silica to Liquids

Fumed silica has a chainlike particle morphology. In liquids, the chains bond via weak hydrogen bonds, forming a three-dimensional network, trapping liquid and effectively increasing the viscosity. The effect of the fumed silica can be negated by applying a shear force (e.g., mixing, brushing, spraying, etc.), allowing the liquid to flow, level out and permit the escape of entrapped air. However, the liquid will 'thicken up' when the force is removed. This property is called thixotropy. They help to control evaporation in coatings, helping to prevent "picture framing" or "fat edges," whereby a bead of the coating material forms near the edge of a flat substrate. Surface tension effects and faster evaporation near the edges cause this phenomenon.


Adding Fumed Silica to Solids

When added to powders, fumed silica aids flow and helps prevent "caking." The submicron particles can quickly move between larger particles, and some believe it forms a layer on their surface which acts like ball bearings or a lubricant, aiding flow. The hydrophilic nature of the fumed silica also absorbs water off the surface of the particles, preventing caking One production method for producing fumed silica involves a continuous flame hydrolysis technique. It converts silicon tetra chloride (SiCl4) to the gas phase using an oxy-hydrogen love.


Price of Fumed Silica

Fumed Silica particle size and purity will affect the product's Price, and the purchase volume can also affect the cost of Fumed Silica. A large amount of large amount will be lower. The Price of Fumed Silica is on our company's official website.


Fumed Silica supplier

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