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Apple restored the more traditional Safari tab design in macOS Monterey RC

In the keynote speech at WWDC21, Apple previewed the new Safari appearance next to macOS 12 Monterey. Now, four months after the start of the test, the RC version of the software has a more traditional Safari look.
According to a report from Daring Fireball, the macOS 12 Monterey page on Apple's website shows that Safari 15 features "Tabs that look like tags." "9to5Mac also confirmed that this change appeared in the latest macOS Monterey beta.

For some reason, today's event did not take place, but the update page of MacOS 12 Monterey (shipped next Monday) showed that Safari 15 has been restored to the actual tab page instead of the "Tab page." Do you remember, Apple introduced a new streamlined tab bar, which is designed to take up less space on the page and can be adjusted according to the color of each website to extend your web page to the edge of the window? Unfortunately, people don't seem to like it, and Apple started to change this approach.
In August, the company restored the previous appearance of Safari. In the settings, the tester can change between "Compact" and "Separate" designs. Now, macOS Monterey will be released next Monday, the traditional Safari design will be the default, and this "compact" version will be optional.
In addition, Safari has many changes:
Integrated Smart Search Field: Search from your active TAB with an integrated smart search field. Click the name of the site to expand and display the full address of the page, or enter your search directly in the name field.
Tag Groups: Smart Trace Prevention now also prevents trackers from analyzing you using your IP address.
Redesigned labels: Labels have a rounder and clearer look, making them easier to use. Tabs can be flexibly adjusted as you add more, shrink, or stretch to fit the page.
Redesigned sidebar: Manage your TAB groups, bookmarks, reading lists, and links to share with you in the redesigned sidebar.
ICloud Private Relay is another major feature coming soon to macOS Monterey, which has been delayed and will be released as a beta feature.
Private Relay is a service that lets you connect to almost any network and browse in Safari in a more secure and Private way.It ensures that the traffic leaving your device is encrypted, so no one can intercept and read it.

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