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Application fields of aqueous calcium stearate

What is calcium stearate lotion?

Calcium stearate is a non-toxic white powder substance. It is a calcium salt isolated from stearic acid and widely used in the cosmetics, plastics, and pharmaceutical industries. Calcium stearate can be used as a plasticizer, stabilizer, and surfactant. It is a substance recognized as safe by the US Food and Drug Administration and can be used as a food additive. Salts called soap can be produced when certain types of fatty acids are heated together with alkaline substances. Stearic acid is one of the most widely used soap ingredients. Calcium stearate is an artificial ingredient produced by the heating reaction of stearic acid and calcium oxide. It is the most critical calcium salt. Due to its lack of solubility, this salt is no longer commonly used in soap in modern society but is replaced by water-soluble synthetic substances. It is often found in cosmetics and hair styling aerosols. This substance can also be found in cosmetic powders, ointments, and packaging materials. Although minimal skin irritation, topical Application can cause redness, itching, and eye irritation.

calcium stearate

Use of calcium stearate lotion

Calcium stearate was first used in 1924 to improve bread dough's texture and reduce flour's dust level. Its unique characteristics make it widely used in nonfood industries. This substance can reduce friction, increase fluidity, and prevent caking. It is also often used in gel or added to cosmetic powders. In addition to being insoluble in water, it cannot be dissolved in acetone and cold alcohol. Vegetarians may need to avoid cosmetics that contain calcium stearate, as it may be isolated from animal fats. Calcium stearate in the United States is isolated from vegetable oils such as coconut or palm. It is extracted from cotton seeds, soybeans, and other vegetable oils in other countries. Calcium stearate forms dross when soap is used in hard water. Soap containing sodium stearate reacts with calcium ions to form a residue of calcium stearate. This substance includes a ring in the bathtub and leaves an unpleasant layer on washed hair and skin.


Application of calcium stearate lotion

Waterborne coating: Its primary function is to maximize the smoothness and fluidity of the wet coating surface by reducing interfacial tension, making it easy to flow and spread on paper, improving the coating adaptability of the coating, improving the coating surface by giving a certain degree of plasticity and slippage to the dry layer, achieving better calendering adaptability, and improving the performance of the finished coating by reducing or eliminating fuzzing and powder loss. Paper industry: As a lubricant for the coating layer of paper, it can improve the lubricity and hydrophobicity of the coating surface, enhance the lubrication and smoothness of the coating, make the form smooth and smooth, and prevent cracking after drying. Printing industry: Super calendars and cutting and printing processes can avoid powder and hair loss, thereby improving paper's appearance and printing performance. Rubber industry: As a plasticizer in rubber processing, it can soften natural and complete rubber with almost no impact on vulcanization. It can also be used as a rubber isolating and mold release agent.


Price of calcium stearate lotion

Calcium stearate lotion particle size and purity will affect the product's Price, and the purchase volume can also affect the cost of calcium stearate lotion. A large amount of large amount will be lower. The Price of calcium stearate lotion is on our company's official website.


Calcium stearate lotion supplier

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