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Can the cement foaming agent be used as the ground

The cement foaming agent is a new lightweight thermal insulation material containing a large number of closed pores, which are formed by fully foaming the foaming agent mechanically through the foaming system of the foaming machine, uniformly mixing the foam with the cement slurry, then carrying outcast-in-place construction or mold forming through the pumping system of the foaming machine, and naturally curing. Foamed cement is a bubble-like thermal insulation material, which is characterized by the formation of closed foam holes inside the concrete, which can make the concrete lightweight and thermal insulation. Foam cement is used to make an insulation layer, which can be used for roof insulation and external wall insulation, and can directly replace other insulation materials such as polystyrene (polystyrene board). Foamed cement has thermal insulation performance and structural layer adhesion performance that other materials do not have and have many other advantages, such as convenient construction, environmental protection, time-saving, efficiency and so on.

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