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Cement foaming agent for producing foam concrete

What is cement foaming agent?

Cement foaming agent, also known as foam concrete foaming agent, refers to the additive that can reduce the surface tension of the liquid and produce a large number of uniform and stable foam to produce foam concrete. The foaming agent is a substance that can have a lot of foam when its aqueous solution is introduced into the air by mechanical force. This kind of substance is surfactant or surfactant. The essence of foaming agents is their surface activity. Without surface activity, foaming cannot occur or become a foaming agent. Surface activity is the core of foaming. The former includes anionic surfactants, cationic surfactants, non-ionic surfactants, etc., while the latter includes animal protein, plant protein, pulp waste, etc. All foaming agents have high surface activity, which can effectively reduce the surface tension of the liquid and arrange the double electronic layers on the surface of the liquid film to surround the air, forming bubbles and then forming foam from a single bubble.


Selection method of cement foaming agent

Fully understand the types of foaming agents: different foaming agents have foreign foaming power, and the stability of foam is also additional, so there are certain limitations in the use process. For example, rosin foaming agent foam stability and foaming times are not very good, so it can only be used for bulk density greater than 600kg/m ³. The above foaming magnesite cement cannot be used for 500 kg/m ³ Low density foamed magnesite cement; Anionic synthetic surfactant foaming agent has fast foaming and large foam volume, but the stability of foam is poor, and it is challenging to produce foamed magnesite products with low density (below 500 kg/m); Protein foaming agents have relatively good foaming power and foam stability, but the viscosity of foam produced is large, which is not conducive to mechanized production; Composite foaming agents have good foaming ability and foam stability, but the specific technical indicators of foaming agents are also different. Only after understanding the types of foaming agents can one understand their performance characteristics, and only when choosing foaming agents can one have a clear understanding.


Production overview of cement foaming agents

The application of cement foaming agents in China has a history of over 50 years. In the early 1950s, China developed rosin soap and homopolymer, two foaming agents, and used them in mortar and foam concrete. These two foaming agents have been widely used in China for decades and are familiar to the building materials and construction industry. They are China's first generation of foaming agents and still have significant applications. After the 1980s, with the rise of China's surface active industry, synthetic surfactant foaming agents began to be applied. They replaced a considerable portion of rosin soap and rosined thermoplastic, becoming a significant variety of foaming agents.


Price of cement foaming agent

Cement foaming agent particle size and purity will affect the product's Price, and the purchase volume can also affect the cost of the Cement foaming agent. A large amount of large amount will be lower. The Price of the cement foaming agent is on our company's official website.


Cement foaming agent supplier

Mis-Asia is a reliable and high-quality global chemical material supplier and manufacturer. It has over 12 years of experience providing ultra-high quality chemicals and nanotechnology materials, including cement foaming agents, nitride powder, graphite powder, sulfide powder, and 3D printing powder. If you are looking for a high-quality and cost-effective cement foaming agent, you are welcome to contact us or inquire at any time.

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