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Characteristics and Challenges of Fumed Silica

What is Fumed silica?

Fumed silica (pyrogenic silica and silicon dioxide) is one of the lightest substances known. Fumed silicas are very light and fluffy and have bulk densities of 3 lbs/cu ft (38 kg/cu m). Silicon metals and alloys are produced in electric furnaces. The raw materials include quartz, coal, and wood chips. The smoke from the furnace operation is collected and sold as fumed silica. Depending on the processing, fumed silica may be used as a hydrophilic or a hydroponic. From sidewalks and foundations to painting cans, printed pages, and pet litter boxes, fumed silica's application as a universal thickening agent means it can be found in widely dissimilar places. Slightly abrasive and light-defusing, fumed silica is used in personal care products such as toothpaste and cosmetics.


Characteristics and Challenges of Fumed silica

Fumed silica powder has a high surface area. It is extremely fluffy and semi-free flowing and usually difficult to handle. The use of a fine-dust filter respirator by material handlers is recommended. Fumed silica is best kept as dry as possible. Once wet, fumed silica becomes very slimy and is extremely hard to handle as a heavy residue. Preventive measures to prevent static discharges are also integral to the safe movement of fumed silica. If the fumed silica arrives at the processing facility in bulk bags, the frames used to discharge the bags should be equipped with additional accessories designed to reduce the staffing and effort necessary to transfer the fumed silica from the bulk bag into downstream equipment. These devices can elongate and stretch the bags from the top and bottom. This makes the bag rigid, which promotes a better flow and removes any pockets of fumed silica cornered in the bags. Some bag-activating devices also serve as a dust-tight seal between the bulk bag and the receiving hopper.


Fumed silica from the connected bulk bag fills the receiving hopper beneath it

The air inside the hopper is forced out as the fumed silica from the connected bulk bag fills the receiving hopper beneath it. Unless this air passes through a filter, airborne dust particles can escape into the surrounding atmosphere. A dust collector mounted on the discharger frame will contain the dust inside the conveyance system, lowering the risk of potentially dangerous dusting. This same ventilation system can also be used to de-gas the empty bulk bags after unloading the fumed silica, completely deflating them and making the folding and storage or disposal of this bag much cleaner. A high-velocity fan drawing dust into cartridge filters is recommended to suppress dust during the dumping and compacting of the bulk bags. The filters can then be activated by an automatic reverse-pulse filter system returning the filtered dust to the receiving hopper and reducing waste.


Price of Fumed silica

Fumed silica particle size and purity will affect the product's Price, and the purchase volume can also affect the cost of Fumed silica. A large amount of large amount will be lower. The Price of Fumed silica is on our company's official website.


Fumed silica supplier

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