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China rapid prototyping factories


Today, when the wave of digitalization is sweeping, prototype model making plays an important role. Driven by data and manufacturing processes, it is injecting innovative momentum into the development and upgrading of various industries. Compared with the traditional manufacturing process, the hand model technology has many advantages such as rapid prototyping, high manufacturing precision, good ability to form complex structures, cost reduction and efficiency improvement.


As we all know, in traditional manufacturing, companies need to determine the size of the factory and production line according to customer needs, and also consider a series of production factors such as metal casting parts storage, delivery cycle, inventory quantity, and transportation costs. Prototype model production reduces production costs and time costs, further verifies the possibility of product design, and provides a more reliable guarantee for enterprises to mass-produce certain products. At present, many sub-scenarios in the manufacturing industry are gradually using prototype models for product prototyping, or directly using prototype models for parts and machine production, which directly promotes the continuous increase in its application in the industrial field and makes new products rapidly enter the market.


As a core brand in the field of prototype model making, BE-CU.COM has always focused on providing customers with product samples, small and medium-sized plastic and metal processing, with 30,000+ practical experience in product processing and 13 years of experience in rapid prototyping solutions, giving full play to Competitive advantages in core technology, quality service, brand reputation, etc., thus empowering the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and achieving a balance between cost and quality. The application of its advanced equipment, the improvement of work efficiency, and the formation of its core manufacturing competitiveness have given BE-CU.COM a huge advantage in occupying the prototype and mass production markets and winning long-term strategic relationships.


Drive changes in manufacturing quality

When it comes to the prototype model, what people talk about is its subversiveness. In the view of BE-CU Technology, the prototype model will bring qualitative changes to the cnc milling industry, but it will not be completely subverted. Standardized mass production will be transformed into non-standardized, data-based, and personalized manufacturing. The prototype model transforms and improves the traditional process, which simplifies the complex and multi-threaded process in the past.


In the past, manufacturing parts needed to give priority to whether there were molds or tools for perfect machining. If the internal parts of the parts required high precision and the tools could not be completed, the parts would also be difficult to manufacture. BE-CU.COM has a variety of hand-model manufacturing processes and a complete process system, such as rapid mold, CNC plastic processing, 3D printing, CNC metal processing, vacuum complex molding, mold injection, etc., which can realize rapid and flexible intelligent manufacturing of products, batch It can effectively reduce the design and manufacturing cycle, reduce the cost of mold production, and improve the manufacturing accuracy of molds, thereby bringing qualitative changes to the manufacturing industry in collaboration with the model making industry.


Continue to carry out technical research

It is reported that over the past 30 years, BE-CU.COM technicians have continued to carry out technical research, innovatively applied advanced equipment and technologies, and gradually approached the ideal test results by finely adjusting production equipment, optimizing parameters and post-processing techniques. It has developed a complete operating process, so as to win the recognition and trust of customers with high quality, high efficiency and high cost performance.


In the context of rapid changes and iterations in the manufacturing industry, facing the continuous upgrading and refinement of industry user needs, BE-CU.COM has always adhered to refined brand management and strived to create high-quality products. Its business covers medical, intelligent robots, new energy, etc. field.


At present, synergy, precision, and efficiency have become new trends leading the upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry. The vigorous development of the manufacturing industry has redefined the demand for product quality and production efficiency, which has also proposed various aspects of hand-board model making. all kinds of new requirements. It is believed that, as the mainstay of the industry, BE-CU china rapid prototyping factories will also continue to drive the development of its own technology and craftsmanship, show its skills in all aspects of prototype manufacturing, and drive the high-quality development of the entire industry.

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