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Concrete Foaming Agents afford more on Lightweight concrete

Concrete Foaming Agents afford more on Lightweight concrete

Concrete foaming agents are substances which increase concrete’s density. These agents improve the flow of the concrete mixture and fill in any voids. These compounds can be used to reduce the cement needed for concrete. They do however lower the concrete’s flexural and compressive strengths. They should be used with caution.

There are many types of concrete foaming agent. There are a variety of concrete foaming agents. Some contain natural ingredients while others use synthetic materials. Some synthetic foaming agents use petroleum products while others use a base material that is similar to shampoo. These chemicals are used to make concrete foam. These chemicals can also be used to make cellular concrete.

A variety of ingredients are used in concrete foaming agents. Surfactants and solvents are two examples of these substances. These substances reduce liquid’s surface tension, resulting in uniform foam with large volumes. These compounds are used to make lightweight concrete products. This article will discuss some of the most common types and their workings.


A protein additive is used in one type of foamed concrete. These compounds can improve concrete’s density. It can have a density of as low as 1850kg/m3, and its strength can be increased by around 20%. A protein-based foam agent has been shown to produce lightweight concrete with lower density.

Recently, a new foaming agent was developed. It has excellent properties and produces a bright, fine surface. This agent is excellent for thermal and mechanical stability when used in low density foamed concrete. Foam concrete doesn’t collapse once it has been formed. This new agent is also eco-friendly.

Prices for concrete foaming agents can vary. Prices for concrete foaming agents vary depending on their production cost, transportation costs, exchange rate, among other factors. Some chemicals are more expensive than others, while others are less costly. Before purchasing any chemicals, it is important to compare their prices. Tanki New Materials Co. Ltd. aims to provide low-cost chemicals for various industries. They also offer customized services. The company will listen to your requirements and find the best solution for you.

Concrete foaming agents typically contain hydrolyzed protein. There are synthetic surfactants which are less expensive and can last longer. Although they are more costly, protein-based foams have excellent strength and performance. Foams can also be available in wet and dry forms.

Dry foam is stronger and more stable than wet foam. It is made in a mixing chamber using a solution of water with a foaming agent. The foam’s bubble size is smaller and its structure is different.

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