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Cool 3D printing takes you through different technologies |

SLS Nylon Powder Printing<br />
Nylon sintering (selective laser sintering) is a project that uses spread powder sticks to tile a thick layer of powder materials, such as 3D printed metal powders, on parts. It is heated below the powder melting temperature instead of a set temperature.<br />
Material: nylons, fibers and nylons<br />
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SLM Metal 3D Printing<br />
Metal sintering can be described as a selective laser sintering. It is the process of using a powder stick to spread a layer on molded surfaces, then heating to a temperature well below that of the metal sintering temperature.<br />
Materials: aluminum alloy, stainless steel die steel, titanium alloy, etc<br />
<br />
SLA laser photocuring flow<br />
Under the control of the computer, scan along the liquid surface according to the requirements of the section contour. Under the control of a computer, focus the laser on the liquid surface and scan it according to the section profile. The resin will be cured in the scanned areas. The newly-cured layer is then adhered to the previous one and so forth until the whole product is formed.<br />
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