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Distribution of Air Pores in foam concrete

What is Foaming agent?

The foaming agent is an indispensable component in the preparation of foam concrete by using prefabricated foams. This study used four types of foaming agents to prepare foam concrete. Effect of the foaming agent on the properties of fresh and hardened foam concrete, the interaction between the foaming agent and cement, and the gas–liquid interface in foam concrete were studied. It is observed that the interaction between foaming agents and cement played a more significant role in the formation process of foam concrete. The property of gas–the liquid interface of foam concrete was the most critical factor for the performance of foam concrete, which determined the stability of fresh foam concrete, the pore structure, and the products on the pore wall of hardened foam concrete. Finally, the evolution mechanism of foams in new foam concrete w discussed.


Foam concrete is one of the most valuable porous materials

Foam concrete is one of the most valuable porous materials in modern civil and industrial buildings. It has received particular attention in thermal insulation, buffering, earthquake resistance, fire retarding, backfilling, etc., due to its self-leveling, autoclave-free, low material consumption, low thermal conductivity, and lightweight. Different from other porous lightweight concrete by using air-entraining agents (H2O2, aluminum powder, etc.) or lightweight aggregate, foam concrete is prepared by directly introducing prefabricated foams through foaming agents into fresh cement pastes or mortar to form a hardened porous body. Air pores (containing air) introduced by prefabricated foams would occupy 10–90 vol% of the hardened body, which is closely related to mechanical properties, durability, thermal conductivity, sound absorption, and adsorption property of the foam concrete.


Distribution of air pores in foam concrete

Moreover, the content, shape, structure, and distribution of air pores in foam concrete mainly relied on the properties of prefabricated foams, cement pastes, and the interaction between foams and cement pastes. Previously, most of the research focused on improving the cement matrix in foam concrete to increase the stability of fresh foam concrete and optimize the air pore structures. Some scholars have also studied the influence of foaming agents on the properties of foamed concrete. D.K. Panesar and C. Sun found that the foaming agent affects the pore size, pore size distribution, and pore connectivity of foam concrete, which leads to the difference in strength, water absorption, and frost resistance of foam concrete. Neil found that cement paste yield stress affected the stability of cement foams, and surfactants affected the yield stress of cement paste.


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