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Do not allow sideloading make iOS safer

The European Commission proposed Digital Markets Act may force iPhone to load applications on the European side. In response to the bill, Apple shared an in-depth document emphasizing the security and privacy risks of side loading. Side downloading refers to installing applications outside of the App Store, such as from a website or a third-party application store.
Apple’s document entitled "Building a Trusted Ecosystem for Millions of Applications" stated that "Mobile malware and the security and privacy threats it brings are becoming more and more common, mainly on platforms that allow sideloading. For example, Apple cited Nokia’s threat intelligence reports in 2019 and 2020 as saying that Android devices "are estimated to be 15 to 47 times more likely to be infected by malware than iPhones."
On the other hand, Apple claims that malware on iOS is very rare, and stated that many of the attacks on the platform are "highly targeted attacks, usually carried out by nation-states." Apple added, "Experts generally believe that iOS is more secure than Android, partly because Apple does not support sideloading."
Apple said that if it is forced to allow sideloading, users will be attacked by more malicious applications, and their control over them will also be weakened after they are downloaded to their devices. Apple added that some of the proposed additional legislation will also require the removal of protections against third-party access to proprietary hardware elements and non-public operating system functions, thereby posing security and privacy risks to users.
Apple added that even those users who don’t want side downloads and want to download apps only from the App Store will be harmed if they need side downloads, because some users may have no choice but to work, study or other. Download the app on the side for important reasons. In addition, Apple also stated that criminals may deceive users into downloading apps by imitating the appearance of the App Store or advertising free or exclusive features. Apple mentioned many of these points in a similar document released in June of this year. Apple CEO Tim Cook has previously claimed that side-loading apps “will undermine the security of the iPhone” and “we have many privacy initiatives built into the app store”.
Apple's document continues to provide examples of common malware affecting mobile platforms such as Android and raises more objections to side loading. Apple's App Store is facing increasing scrutiny, which is still the only place to install apps on the iPhone and iPad, excluding jailbroken devices. "Fortnite" developer Epic Games sued Apple for anti-competitive behavior last year but failed to force the court to force Apple to allow third-party app stores to run on iOS.
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