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Eco Capsule House: Covered with steel frame and polyurethane foam insulation

Eco Capsule House: Covered with steel frame and polyurethane foam insulation

The appearance of the Ecocapsule

I think many people have a dream of seclusion or global travel. Simply relying on RVS can not meet the needs of some people, after all, compared to the car, the house is a better thing to live in. A new product may help you live your reclusive life around the world while fulfilling both of your wishes. This tiny mouse-like house is known as Ecocapsule or Ecological Capsule. It is 14 feet long, 7 feet wide and 7 feet high, and can accommodate two people. It has the same dimensions as the original model, 4.67 x 2.2 m (15 x 7.2 ft) and 8.2 square metres (88 sq ft), respectively. Its exterior also features a distinctive white fiberglass shell, covered with a steel frame and polyurethane foam insulation. Enter through a small sliding door. With these advanced materials, you can keep it strong and insulated, making you really want to live in a house that never has to be exposed to the elements.

The function and peninsula of Ecocapsule

While Ecocapsule was originally envisioned as a micro-residence with a bed, bathroom and peninsula kitchen, the interior of Ecocapsule is more basic and seems to be more suitable for camping or as a spare bedroom, office or similar place. As standard, the interior contains only one room and storage space. Options include a bed, air conditioning, extra furniture and a bathroom. For most people, this is probably the standard small room for a bachelor. Because it's so small, but it does function as a home. Like most smart homes, Ecocapsule has a number of intriguing features. A membrane filter on the roof removes bacteria before storing rainwater. The degerming rainwater will be stored in a reservoir under the floor. Walls are filled with excellent insulation that reduces energy loss and maintains a comfortable room temperature. And if you don't want to go out in nature, there are bathrooms and showers. The whole design is simple, modern and elegant, almost everything you would expect from a small house. The tiny "capsule" could be a future model for human habitation on the moon or Mars.

The price of Ecocapsule

Space by Ecocapsule The interior is only one large Space that is standard, but extra furniture and bathrooms can be customized at a premium price. Space by Ecocapsule starts at 44,900 euros ($55,000), while the original model starts at 79,900 euros ($88,000). Can be shipped worldwide. Its transport costs from Slovakia alone range from £700 to £1,414, so its use is likely to be limited to high-income, high-spending people such as New York and Silicon Valley.

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