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Excellent Performance of Boron Nitride Lubricants

When we think about lubrication, the first thing that comes to mind is lubricating oils. They play an important role in the maintenance and operation of machines and other equipment. With the advancement of technology comes unique requirements for high-end manufacturing as well as defense technology and aerospace. High temperature, low temperatures, high speed and heavy loads (vacuum, corrosion) are some of the more stringent requirements for Lubricants. ).

With the advancement of solid lubricants graphite and molybdenum diulfide have become more common. They are more widely used now, while boron nutride is becoming more popular. Solid lubricants have a distinct and superior performance, and are a preferred material for both current and future developments.

Hexagonalboron Nitride, also known as graphite or white graphite because it has a similar structure to graphite. Hexagonalboron Nitride can also be used as a lubricant.

The boron-nitride oil lubricant is superior to graphite and carbon black in terms of its lubricating capabilities and stability at high temperatures. As such, it can increase the efficiency and use of molds, enhance product quality, decrease the release agent, and improve economic returns. Additionally, the boron-nitride product lubricant can be used in an environment that is less polluting. It will also help improve the overall working conditions of the factory as well as the cleanliness of its final product.

The addition

boron nitride lubricant

Si3N4 can have a significantly better friction and wear performance. Increased boron nutride lubricant contents resulted in a decrease of the friction factor from 0.03 to 0.04 to 0.01. Si3N4-20% composite ceramic with boron nutride has the highest friction and wear performance. The wear rate is almost zero. Boron Nitride lubricant can be useful for other friction-resistant materials as well as other self-lubricating functional material. This lubricant reduces wear and stabilizes the friction coefficient.

Boron nitride lubricants

They have the following characteristics: high resistance to heat and oxidation stability. Low friction coefficient. Strong load capacity. There is no carbonization. No coking. Excellent high-temperature oil lubricity.

Boron nitride lubricants

They are ideal for the lubrication high-temperature, high-load, low speed sliding parts like high-temperature bearings or bushings.

Boron nitride lubricant

This product is used to lubricate high temperature bearings. It can be used to prevent high-temperature adhesion, and sintering by providing anti-wear and lubrication.

Boron nitride has a high level of resistance to organic solvents, as well as corrosive substances. It’s not important to forget that boron nutride can react with organic solvents, or any other ingredient to alter the product’s performance. Additionally, hot pressing and subsequent sintering of the boron nutride powder create a white block which is simple to machine. This makes production easier.

Lubricants can only be one component of the

Uses of boron Nitride

. To improve heat resistance, corrosion resistance and lubricating boron, nitride, you can use boron powder to spray graphite pad and container containers that are used for metal heat treatments and superhard alloy sintering. To stop carburizing and solve the issue of graphite and binder wetting in an alloy.

You can use it as an orange paint release agent, metal wire drawing and lubricants lubricants and pressure processing lubricants. You can make oil-free bearings, slides, contact, and more by adding boron nutride to copper and aluminum. Boron Nitride has many performance advantages. It can be used to lubricate, heat resistant, resist corrosion, resist electrical damage, as well as high-strength and electric materials.

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