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Galaxy S22 Ultra’s camera will be greatly upgraded

As the countdown to the release of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series continues, it is expected that in February, we will hear more and more advanced camera systems will be installed on these devices-especially in this example S22 Ultra.
A well-known source @UniverseIce said on Twitter that the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s camera capabilities have improved 30% of the hardware and 70% of the software, and “there are traces of artificial intelligence involvement everywhere.”
Just a few days ago, the source also revealed that Samsung has been working hard to develop artificial intelligence algorithms to improve night and low-light shooting, but now we have more details on how it works.
Smartphones can be seen everywhere on the super cameras of the Galaxy S22. It can be said that the improvement of the S22 super camera depends on a further 30% increase in hardware and 70% software optimization. Traces of artificial intelligence participation can be seen everywhere. S22 Ultra is rumored to be the only S22 model equipped with a 108MP main sensor. According to the latest leak, when users use the main sensor to take pictures, an "artificial intelligence detail enhancement button" will pop up.
In recent months, we have heard a lot about the S22 Ultra and S22 series, and now Samsung has not much to show off. Before these phones are on the market, we should see the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in January.
In recent years, the enhancement of artificial intelligence has become more and more important in terms of the quality of smartphone photos and videos: for example, this is one of the reasons why the night vision mode on Google’s Pixel phones is so good.
Google continues to lead the so-called computational photography, in which algorithms are built on the actual information captured by the camera sensor. The latest Pixel 6 phones contain more of these tricks than ever before.
Apple, Samsung, and other mobile phone manufacturers are also heavily involved, and everything from adjusting the overall tone of the image to stabilizing jittery video is handled by artificial intelligence. After enough training, these models can provide some major upgrades.
However, the artificial intelligence enhancement can be the same in quality as the original image. Just because a company says it wants to apply artificial intelligence to its images does not necessarily mean that everything will go smoothly, but at this point, artificial intelligence is essential.
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