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How heat resistant is boron nitride

What’s boron-nitride?

Boron nitride

With a sphalerite structure, it is typically characterized by black, brown, or dark red crystals. It also has good thermal conductivity. This superhard material is used in abrasives, tool material and other uses. Boron Nitride is chemically inert and resistant to water and organic acid. Hot, concentrated alkali can break the boron nitrogen bonds. The air starts to oxidize at around 1200. The vacuum at around 2700 is the point where it begins to decompose. It can be dissolved in hot acids but is not soluble when diluted with cold water. The relative density is 2.29. The compressive force is 170 miles per hour. Although the maximum temperature of service is 900 for the oxidation and 2800 for the non-active reduced atmospheres, the performance at room temperatures is very poor. The majority of the properties of boron-nitride outperform carbon materials. The hexagonal boron-nitride friction coefficient is low. This gives it good high-temperature stability.

Is boron nitride important?

Hexagonalboron nitride is capable of making TiB2/BN composite clays, advanced superhard material, and refractories. Separation rings can also be made for horizontal rolling. High-temperature resistant oils and coatings are available. You can also use it as a raw ingredient to create cubic boron nutride. Additionally, this lubricant is excellent at high temperatures and can be used to make self-lubricating bears. Boron Nitride has similar physical properties to white graphite. It has similar properties to silicate and mica. Fatty acids collectively are called white solid lubricants. You can use boron-nitride as a grease or lubricant by mixing it with water, solvent, heat-resistant oil, or another solvent. Once the solvent evaporates, the resulting dry film is formed on the friction surfaces. Next, the epoxy, ceramic, and metallic surface layers are filled with the resin and nitride to make a high temperature-resistant self-lubricating material. This is widely used in aerospace engineering. The powdered boron nutride can also be applied directly to the surface of the guiderail. Boron nitride suspension oils are available in yellow and white. This oil is safe for use on textile machines and does not pollute the fibres.

How can Boron nitride be harmful for the human body?

While boron Nitride is safe, it is toxic. However, powdered boron nitride can cause serious health problems. Boron Nitride powder is inert but can be harmful to your health if it’s swallowed, inhaled or contacted by the skin or eyes. The skin and circulation problems caused by inhaling, swallowing, or ingesting Boron nitride will be severe.

The price of boron-nitride

Price will depend on how pure and small the boron nitride particles are. The purchase volume may also have an effect on the cost. Large quantities of small amounts will result in a lower price. On our official website, you can see the cost of boron-nitride.

Boron nitride supplier

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