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Industrial Ceramics With Aluminum Nitride Made Breakthrough Progress In Application

Industrial ceramics are a type of fine ceramics, and such ceramics can play mechanical, thermal, chemical, and other functions in applications. Industrial ceramics have some advantages such as high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and erosion resistance. They can replace metal materials and organic polymer materials for harsh working environments, and have become a must in traditional industrial transformation, emerging industries, and high-tech. Important indispensable material has a comprehensive application prospect in the fields of energy, aerospace, machinery, automobile, electronics, chemical industry, and so on.

The functions of industrial ceramics have their advantages and are widely used, such as to produce mechanical parts, seals, cutting tools and other materials with its high hardness and high wear resistance ceramics; To produce wear-resistant, light-weight parts, heat-resistant and heat-insulating parts for automobile, gas turbine blades, piston crowns, inserts, etc. with its high wear-resistant, high-strength and high-toughness ceramics; To produce crucibles for metal smelting, heat exchangers, biological materials such as dental artificial lacquer joints, etc. with its corrosion resistance and excellent chemical stability in contact with biological enzymes.

With the continuous development of science and technology, further breakthroughs have been made in industrial ceramics, especially the research and development of multi-phase composite ceramics and nano-ceramics.

In the research of multi-phase composite ceramics, advanced ceramics have developed from the characteristics of single-phase, and high purity of duck original to multi-phase composite, developed from reinforced composite ceramic fibers or crystal top reinforced composite ceramics, gradient functional ceramics, and nano-composite ceramics, effectively solving the technical problems of single-phase advanced ceramics that are brittle, low reliability, unsatisfactory room temperature strength, and insufficient toughness.

Trunnano supplies high-quality aluminum nitride to produce industrial ceramic, and the aluminum nitride is with purity 99.9% and different particle sizes, they also accept customized size.

“Trunnano's aluminum nitride has excellent thermal conductivity and thermal shock resistance, as well as good insulation. Because the liquid phase is sintered and there is no second phase at the grain boundary, the crystal structure is very dense and has good resistance to plasma corrosion.

According to the customers' requirements for aluminum nitride, we organically combine the most suitable process with our commitment to our customers to ensure that our material solutions meet demanding specifications and provide excellent performance.” said Roger from Trunnano.

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