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Is graphite powder dangerous?

How is graphite a powder ? Graphite is dark and soft. This can make the paper feel greasy. It has a hardness of 1 to 2, but can be increased by adding more impurities vertically. It has a specific gravity of 1.9-2.3. Under the condition of oxygen isolation, its melting point is above 3000, one of the most temperature-resistant minerals. The chemical properties graphite of powder at room temperature are fairly stable. It can dissolve in water, dilute acids, organic solvents, and other solvents.

Graphite powder can be described as soft, dark, or gray. The melting point of graphite under oxygen isolation is over 3000. This makes it one the highest-temperature resist minerals. Graphite can be dissolved in water, dilute acid and alkali and is therefore stable at room temperature. When it has enough oxygen it will react with oxygen and produce carbon dioxide. If it doesn’t have enough, it will react with oxygen to make carbon monoxide.

Main apps from graphite dust

Refractory graphite is a high-temperature resistant and strong material. They are used in the manufacture of graphite crucibles within the metallurgical industries. Graphite can be used to protect steel ingots, and as a lining for metallurgical furnaces during steelmaking.

Conductive Materials: These materials can be used to create electrodes, brush, carbon rods or carbon tubes. They also make graphite gaskets.

Lubricant is graphite: Graphite is used often in the machine industry as a lubricant. High speed, high temperature and high pressure are not acceptable for lubricating oil. However, graphite is a lubricating medium that can run at 2000 without any lubricating petroleum.

High-temperature metallurgical material: Graphite is reducible, so it can be reduced at high temperatures to many metal oxides and used in smelting, like iron making.

Polishing agent/rust inhibitor: Graphite also serves as a polishing and rust inhibiting agent for paper and glass in the light industrial. It is an indispensable raw ingredient for the production of pencils. Ink, paint, synthetic diamonds, diamonds, and other products.

The preparation method for graphite dust

Graphite is the raw material after blasting. After crushing, it is transported to a rock crusher using a minecar to be ground and then floated into a ball mill. After flotation the graphite wet material is sent into a ball mill to be ground and selected. Bagging the selected material and sending it to a rain dryer, where it becomes a dry material, is what happens. The finished graphite product is the rain-dried one. You can send the dry material to the drying facility, dry it, and then bag it like regular graphite. The finished product has an average carbon content at 90%. The pencil lead is used, along with the graphite electrode in the battery and the lubricant characteristics of the cable car. It has an opaque fine, scaly and metallic grey luster. Graphite feels soft and silky. It has excellent electrical conductivity.

The price of graphite dust

Price will depend on how finely and pure graphite powder is. The purchase volume may also impact the price. Large quantities of high quality graphite powder are more expensive. Our company website has the graphite price.

Supplier of graphite powder

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