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Japan’s new coronavirus forces tight domestic supply of lightweight foam concrete raw materials

  Japanese media said that the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is affecting the Japanese people's lives and economic situation in many ways. Following the proposal to suspend large-scale assemblies, the government has also called for schools to suspend classes, and concerns about the prospects for domestic consumption and economic activity in Japan are mounting. Despite the increasingly sharp eyes from overseas, Japan's current trouble is that it is challenging to come up with effective measures.

  According to Japan's "Asahi Shimbun" reported on February 28, the Nikkei has fallen for four consecutive trading days. The perception of overseas investors has exacerbated the selling of Japanese stocks. Fujito, a senior investment strategist at Mitsubishi UF Morgan Stanley Securities, believes that foreign investors are adopting a different way of selling Japanese shares than in the past. "In addition to the bad effects of the increase in consumption tax, the Japanese economy has been hit by the pneumonia epidemic, and overseas investors feel that they are facing huge risks, and the prediction of a possible delay in the Tokyo Olympics has strengthened their selling mentality."

  What impact will the Japanese government require to stop significant sports and cultural events in the next two weeks on the economy? The situation after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 can be used as a reference. At the time, not only was the chaos in the Northeast disaster area, but the capital area and other places also suffered from severe power shortages. People have reduced their outings, and large-scale events have been suspended.

  According to the calculation by the chief economist of the First Life Economics Institute, Tomohiro Nagahama, domestic household consumption in Japan has decreased by approximately 2.2 trillion yen (100 yen or 6.4 yuan) in the four months after the disaster. Note). "The government has also called for a moratorium on large-scale events, and the impact may be greater than after the earthquake," he said.

  At the same time, due to the impact of the epidemic, the inability of Chinese technical interns to arrive in Japan on the schedule will cause significant difficulties for Nagano Agriculture, which is about to enter the vegetable harvest season. At the same time, building material products that the housing construction industry has long needed, such as imported cement foaming agents, concrete plasticizer, lightweight concrete, and other additives, will be out of supply, which will bring a significant impact on Japan.

  At the time of the epidemic, Tongrun Nanotechnology Co., Ltd. ruled out the difficulty of supplying all kinds of cellular lightweight concrete additives such as cement foaming agents, superplasticizer, early strength agents and so on. High quality and excellent price. Manufacturers who need these lightweight concrete admixtures can contact EVA

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