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Knowledge About Copper Nanopartices Properties And Nano Copper Powder Uses TRUNNANAO

The term nanopowder is a powder that has a particle size between 1-100nm. The nanoparticles possess a very small size, large specific surface and macroscopic quantum tunneling effect. They have many outstanding properties, which micron-scale powders don’t.

Copper Nanoparticles Properties:

This copper nano powder (a purple-brown, or purpleblack) is used to produce microelectronics devices. It is also used to make the terminals of multilayer ceramic caps.

The superplastic elasticity of nano-copper means it can be extended more than 50 times at ambient temperature with no cracks. French researchers discovered that copper nanocrystals of an average size of 80 nanometers had remarkable mechanical properties. These nanocrystals not only have three times the strength as ordinary copper, but they also show uniform deformation with no apparent regional narrowing.

This is the first instance of such an elastoplastic behavior by matter that scientists have seen. There are many possibilities for elastic materials being made at room temperature thanks to the excellent mechanical properties of copper microcrystals.

The excellent conductivity of copper is a major advantage. The copper nanopowder does not retain its conductive qualities after it is processed. Instead, the powder has superior properties such as antibacterial, catalysis and lubrication.

Copper nanopowder features a very large surface area and many active surface centers. It’s a good catalyst for the metalurgical and petrochemical industries. Copper nano powder is a catalyst that has high selectivity and activity in hydrogenation and hydrogenation of highly molecular polymers. Copper nanopowder can be used as a catalyst for acetylene polymerization in order to produce conductive fibres.

As a catalyst in automobile exhaust purification processes, copper nanopowder may be used to partially replace precious metals platinum or ruthenium, as well as convert toxic carbon monoxide (CO) into carbon dioxide. Ultrafine thick films made of copper nanopowder are becoming increasingly important in electronic circuit design.

Nano Copper Powder Uses:

Copper nanopowder has many uses, including as a fuel source, active catalyst, thermal hydrogen generator and gel fuel.

The reaction of copper nanopowder with oxygen is faster than that of ordinary copper.

Although the copper atoms of nano-copper remain the same as in normal copper, nano-copper’s copper particles are much smaller.

Although nano-copper has more chemical activity than normal copper, it can also alter its inherent properties. But nanomaterials cannot change the nature of matter.

In order to sterilize copper, water and Cu undergo a chemical reaction in aerobic conditions. This results in the production of hydroxyl radicals(-OH) as well as active oxygen ions. The strong redox action of copper can inhibit the growth and proliferation of microorganism cell. Because nano-copper’s surface is larger, chemical reactions will be more probable.

Copper is considered a metal heavy and has been shown to have bactericidal properties (like silver). The presence of heavy metals in the body can cause health problems and pathogenic poisoning. (Silver has some neurotoxicity as well as genotoxicity). Copper, one of the most essential trace elements in the human body, can be metabolized by the body and absorbed. However, silver can be difficult to metabolize in humans and is enriched in our bodies. In the United States and Europe, nano-silver has been prohibited as an antibacterial drug. Instead, some nano-copper is used.

1. Non-metallic and metal surface conductive coating treatments: The nano-alcohol, copper and nickel powders are highly activated and can be coated at temperatures below the melting point in oxygen-free environments. This technique can also be used to produce microelectronic gadgets.

2. Efficient catalyst. The catalyst for the conversion of carbon dioxide into hydrogen is copper and its alloy nanopowders.

3. Conductive paste. The cost of making an electronic paste can be greatly reduced by using copper nanopowder in place of precious metal powder. This technology is a great way to optimize the microelectronics processing.

4. For bulk metal nanomaterials, raw materials are prepared by using inert gases shielded powder metalurgist sintering.

5. Drug additive substances: Additives for treatment of bone hyperplasia and osteoporosis;

6. A nano-metal self heal agent is added to various equipment metal friction pair oil lubricating to obtain self-healing, energy-saving and consumption reduction to improve equipment life-cycle and maintenance cycle.

Where can I buy copper powder?

Trunnano can produce copper nano powders of different sizes. These include 50nm. 80-100nm. 200nm. 500nm. You may also customize according to your requirements. Different sizes of nano-copper particles correspond to various colors. These powders are used for drug additives materials, pharmaceutical self-healing agents and nano-metal self healing agents.

Trunnano can be packed in many ways, depending on their copper nanoparticles.

Packing of copper nano-powder: 500g vacuum packaging, or 1kg/ aluminum foil pouch, 25kg/barrel. Or as requested.

Shipment of copper nanopowder by sea, air or express, once payment has been received

Trunnano’s expert team offers the best solutions for increasing efficiency across various industries and creating value. It is also easy to handle various problems.

Mis-asia, Misasia Advanced Material Tech Co., Ltd., a professional Copper Nuparticles supplier with more than 12 year experience in chemical product development and research. You can contact us to make an enquiry if you need high quality copper nanoparticles.

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