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Let’s hope Samsung doesn’t copy the iPhone any time soon

Future smartphones developed by Apple will no longer have slots for physical SIM cards, and according to recent rumors (via MacRumors), that shift could happen soon. The iPhone 14 series is likely to be the first eSIM exclusive to launch next year, although there are rumors that Apple may delay the launch of the iPhone 15.

Apple is Samsung's closest rival in mobile, and the two OEMs often borrow ideas from each other. That could mean that at least some of Samsung's future phones will also ditch the physical SIM card slot in favor of eSIM if Apple rolls out the latter solution.
In case you were wondering, eSIM is a digital SIM card that can be programmed to provide coverage on a user's chosen network. As more and more operators around the world continue to adopt eSIM technology, eSIM seems to be the future, but countless regions lack eSIM support.
ESIMs will not replace physical SIM cards overnight
Technically, eSIM takes up less physical space than SIM card trays. Switching to eSIM improves water resistance and makes room for other, more important components. However, not every carrier supports eSIM technology.
Since the availability of eSIM technology is not entirely dependent on smartphone brands, and network operators have a say, there may be a period when OEMs like Apple and Samsung may release eSIM and non-ESIM versions of the same devices. This is before the entire market is ready for the transition to eSIM technology. This change can take years, so don't throw away your physical SIM card.
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