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Material Description of Titanium diboride

What is Titanium diboride?

Titanium diboride (TiB2) is well-known as a ceramic material with relatively high strength and durability as characterized by the relatively high values of its melting point, hardness, strength-to-density ratio, and wear resistance. However, the current use of this material appears to be limited to specialized applications in such areas as impact-resistant armor, cutting tools, crucibles, and wear-resistant coatings. An important evolving application is using TiB2 cathodes in the electrochemical reduction of alumina to aluminum metal. Other applications may develop rapidly if the electrical discharge machining of TiB2 can be perfected. Economic factors may inhibit the broad application of this material, particularly the cost of densifying a material with a high melting point and concerns about the variability of the material's properties. The present paper addresses the latter issue by examining the physical, mechanical, and thermal properties of TiB2 as a function of density and grain size.


Material Description of Titanium diboride

Single crystal TiB2 exhibits hexagonal symmetry, with space group P6/mmm. The lattice parameters have a slight quadratic dependence on the temperature, which accounts for the linear temperature dependence of the coefficient of thermal expansion. The ratio c/a ranges from (1.066±0.001) at 25 °C to (1.070±0.001) at 1500 °C. Individually, the lattice parameters may be expressed as a/Å = 3.0236 + 1.73 × 10–5(T/K) + 3.76 × 10–9(T/K)2, c/Å = 3.2204 + 2.73 × 10–5(T/K) + 3.95 × 10–9(T/K)2 where 293 K≤T≤2000 K, and the relative standard uncertainties you're (a) = 0.03 % and you're (c) = 0.04 % are estimated from the variances of the least-squares fits. Nearly fully dense polycrystalline TiB2 can be produced by various processing methods, including sintering, hot pressing, hot isostatic pressing, microwave sintering, and dynamic compaction. However, the relatively strong covalent bonding of the constituents results in low self-diffusion rates.  


Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Titanium diboride

The diversity of the processing conditions is a significant factor in the often widely varying property values reported in the literature for polycrystalline TiB2. In this section, the available mechanical and thermal properties are examined to provide a better understanding of how the properties depend on the composition, grain size, and density of the material.


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