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Online Education Marketing War, Homework Help Heavy Money to Find a Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team Endorsement Lost?

Online Education Marketing War, Homework Help Heavy Money to Find a Chinese Women's Volleyball Team Endorsement Lost?

The Battle of Spokesmen

"We have an online trial for 9 yuan, so you can take your child to have a try." Many parents received similar sales calls in July. Unlike in the past, when enrollment began only in June, this year began in April, with a number of online education institutions making a number of high-profile announcements of spokespeople and opening channels for summer courses. The purpose is only one, win in the summer recruitment war on the starting line. Iresearch forecasts that the number of online education users will reach 300 million in 2020, with a market size of 453.8 billion yuan. However, the online education industry is dominated by a large number of players. In order to improve user conversion rate and reduce customer acquisition cost, online education institutions gradually focus on precision and differentiation, and spokespersons and sponsorship for variety shows are all means to increase differentiation. In 2019, a survey of online education product users' preference for brand endorsers showed that 45.9 percent chose "high-profile social celebrities." But such celebrities are a scarce resource, and some companies have even been caught up in the debate.

Netease YouDao Versus the Spokesmen of the Homework Gang

On April 15, netease youdao, a subsidiary of bb12 online school youdao, announced that it had successfully signed a contract with lang ping, the head coach of Chinese women's volleyball team, and invited lang ping to become its spokesperson. This is lang ping's first time to speak for an educational institution. Netease youdao CEO Zhou Feng said, as Chinese women's volleyball team head coach, lang ping is a household name "teacher", Chinese women's volleyball team's achievements is not only the "women's volleyball team spirit", rely on the most important is that she is the professional training and scientific guidance, and these characteristics and youdao class quality provided by the high quality courses and services. At that time, Hou Jianbin, CEO of Homework Help, said that the influence of China Women's Volleyball Team had long gone beyond sports itself, and it was a spiritual symbol to inspire Chinese people to keep striving and striving for self-improvement, while every score of the competition champion came from professional guidance and scientific efforts. In the future, homework Help will cooperate with China Women's Volleyball Team in such aspects as concept exchange and brand promotion. Netease youdao signed the lang ping directly, and the homework help signed the Chinese women's volleyball, and the lang ping was included in the publicity materials. The intersection is lang Ping. Enter summer vacation, netease youdao quality class to lang ping as a topic began blanket publicity, but the homework help has not been heard. An insider from Homework Help replied: "The full rights of the Chinese women's volleyball team are not clear. Lang Ping's image has appeared in our materials before." In the context of fierce competition in online education, the cooperation with The Chinese women's Volleyball team could have been a great selling point for homework, but in the end, it turned out to be ambiguous.

Endorsement has Nothing to Do With Strength

"I saw the two ads with Lang Ping and the Women's Volleyball team. It was strange. It was a bit confusing. Celebrity endorsement certainly has a certain effect, prestige is relatively high, in the public's concept, its endorsement credibility will be higher. But parents don't make their choices based entirely on them." "When I signed up for tutoring classes, I didn't choose an agency because I was endorsing someone I liked," one parent told reporters. "I chose practicality." The summer marketing war has just begun, even with well-known figures as spokesmen, may not be the final winner, and the key to win also needs to rely on their own comprehensive strength.

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