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Properties of Nickel-based Super Alloys

From April 1, the French government will reduce fuel taxes slightly to ease the burden on consumers.

Mr. Carenko, the head of the Commission de Regulation de L ‘Energie, warned of possible energy shortages in France by the end of the year and called on the French to conserve electricity and gas from now on, saying that if nothing was done, The energy situation will be tough this winter. Some experts say that there are two main reasons for France’s energy crisis: first, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine affected the gas market and caused supply tension; The second is a safety review of France’s newest nuclear power plant, which may lead to a reduction in output this year. In order to alleviate the energy crisis, the whole French society needs to be mobilized, whether it is the industrial sector, the tertiary sector or every French citizen. Now it is urgent. Rising fuel prices may also have an impact on shipments of the Nickel-based Super Alloys.

The creep rupture strength can be a good indication that the creep rupture
life/γ-initial fraction diagram of each alloy series is different, but each
series may have a maximum value or exceed 75% (volume) in the vicinity. This
means that the creep rupture life depends partly on the hardening of the solid
solution and partly on the hardening of the γ-prime precipitation. When Cr in
γ'is replaced by W and Ta, the maximum solid solution hardening will be
achieved. In addition, in order to obtain maximum precipitation hardening, a
gamma prime fraction will be obtained. In some Ni-based superalloys, the
γ-primary fraction of the actual alloy at 1000ºC may be less than the design

Tensile properties The tensile properties of sample solutions aged under
various conditions at 900ºC have been observed. Obviously, these changes can be
well approximated by the linear function of the gamma prime fraction. The
results obtained from other series of alloys show that the linearity is
maintained in the range of γ-prime fraction of 50% to 80% (volume), which is
different from the case of creep rupture strength. The effect of solution
temperature is also linear. A higher solution temperature gives a higher yield
strength. The lower the solution temperature, the greater the tensile
elongation, but this trend no longer works below a certain temperature. The
solution treatment below 1080ºC has no beneficial effect on the tensile
elongation. For the effect of solid solution hardening and precipitation
hardening, it is obvious that W is the most effective method of solid solution
hardening, and Ta (a γ-primer forming agent) is less effective than W as a solid
solution hardening element.


Heat-resistant corrosion

The crucible test was used to evaluate the resistance to corrosion
resistance. A piece of alloy (diameter 6-8 mm, height 3-5 mm) in a salt mixture
(Na2SO4-25%NaCl) was kept in the air at 900ºC for 20 hours. After all the scale
is removed, the resistance is quantitatively determined by the metal loss. In
terms of morphology, thermal corrosion can be divided into three types. Type I:
Corrosion layer composed of Cr sulfide, Ni sulfide and porous oxide, Type II:
Thin and compact Cr2O3 corrosion layer, there is a small amount of sulfide or no
sulfide in the matrix, Type III: It is oxidized by three layers Corrosion layer
composed of Cr2O3, TiO2 and Al2O3 from the outside to the inside, a small amount
of chromium-rich sulfide is dispersed in the matrix. Regression analysis was
carried out on 42 alloys that produced Type I corrosion. The results show that
Hf-doped alloys with high Cr and Ti content (the most preferred in γ-primary
precipitation hardening alloys), and the addition of W, Ta or Mo is an essential
element to increase high-temperature strength. Extremely harmful to thermal


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At a regular press conference held by the Ministry of Commerce on March 31, a media question was raised: The COVID-19 outbreak has led to the shutdown of production in many parts of China. What impact will it have on China’s foreign trade enterprises as a whole and micro, small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises?

In this regard, the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce said that the Ministry is closely following the impact of the epidemic on foreign trade enterprises, especially small, medium and micro foreign trade enterprises. As far as we can see, some foreign trade enterprises are affected by the epidemic and are faced with periodic problems in production and operation, logistics and transportation. At the same time, problems such as rising raw material costs, slow cross-border shipping and supply chain bottlenecks have yet to be fundamentally alleviated, and foreign trade enterprises, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in particular, still face considerable operating pressure. The price of Nickel-based Super Alloys operated by foreign trade enterprises will also fluctuate with the changes of the epidemic. Contact us for the latest quotation on Nickel-based Super Alloys.

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