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Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8CX Gen 3 is the company’s latest attempt at success on The Windows Arm platform

Qualcomm released its latest personal computer flagship chip: Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3. As the name suggests, this chip has achieved success on the basis of last year's 8cx Gen 2, and its performance has also been greatly improved.
The third generation of 8cx is the first Windows computer chip based on the 5nm process. Compared with the second generation, its CPU performance has increased by 85% and GPU performance has increased by 60%. In addition, Qualcomm touts that its new chip is "60% higher than the performance per watt of the x86 platform"-although the company has clearly remained silent when comparing the x86 platform. Qualcomm also claimed that the chip supports "multi-day battery life", although it did not provide too many details.
As expected by the major Qualcomm notebook chips, the main function of 8cx is connectivity. Qualcomm provides support for its Snapdragon X55, X62 or X65 5G modems (depending on what 5G functions the manufacturer wants to provide). In addition, 8cx Gen 3 will support Wi-Fi 6 and 6E when you are out.
The usual artificial intelligence improvements are also here: there is Qualcomm's Spectral ISP, which promises better autofocus, auto white balance, auto exposure for video conferencing, and noise and echo cancellation for better audio.
In addition, Qualcomm has been promoting the power and battery life of its notebook chips since the first release of the first generation of 8cx in 2018; these chips have not really taken off except for the improved version that appeared on Microsoft's Surface Pro X notebooks.
And those computers equipped with Qualcomm chips did not cause too much impact on the dominance of Intel and AMD in the Windows x86 field, developer support was slow, and Apple’s own arm m1 series chips did not bring revolutionary advances to computers.
In 2023, Qualcomm's next-generation personal computer CPU will replace Apple's m-series chips. Perhaps the third generation of 8cx will change this. But it's hard not to think that 8cx Gen 3 is just a stopgap measure, because Qualcomm is already preparing to launch the next generation of Windows PC chips in 2023. These chips were designed by the Nuvia team, which was acquired by Qualcomm for US$1.4 billion earlier this year, and are "designed to set performance benchmarks for Windows personal computers." A processor comparable to excellent m-series chips.
In addition to 8cx Gen 3, Qualcomm also announced a new Snapdragon 7c Plus Gen 3 platform. Unlike its flagship cousin, the third-generation 7c Plus is still based on the 6nm process, but promises a 60% increase in performance and a 70% improvement in graphics effects over the second-generation multi-threaded CPU. Like 7c Gen 2, 7c Plus Gen 3 is also suitable for Windows entry-level computers and chromebooks, so it is not as powerful as the new 8cx Gen 3. In addition to performance enhancements, Qualcomm has also added an integrated Snapdragon X53 modem to implement 5G on Qualcomm's entry-level notebook chip for the first time.
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