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Selenium-enriched agricultural products will become the new darling of organic agricultural products

The agricultural pattern has gradually realized industrial differentiation along with the development of agriculture. Ecological agriculture, green agriculture, organic agriculture and other characteristic agricultural products have become commonplace for ordinary families. People have changed from "eating enough" to "eating well" and eating healthy lifestyle. The demand for ordinary agricultural products can no longer fully satisfy people's quality life requirements, and people are constantly recognizing the advantages and benefits of green and organic agricultural and sideline products in consumer education.
And the agricultural blue ocean that dominates many organic agricultural products is selenium-rich agricultural and sideline products. China is a severely "selenium-poor" country. 72% of China's land is selenium-deficient areas. The selenium deficiency is particularly serious in areas such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui. Statistics show that there are about 700 million people in my country who suffer from insufficient selenium intake throughout the year. Mr. Zhao Chunzeng, Chairman of China Ocean Quantum Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the technical research of selenium-enriched agriculture for many years. Through quantum technology, the selenium content of agricultural and sideline products meets the health index needs of the human body. Mr. Zhao said: “China Ocean Quantum Technology is based in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. District, it is bound to take as the primary task of solving the problem of selenium deficiency in the population of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui, and then radiate the country so that more people can meet the intake of selenium in their daily diet. The agricultural and sideline product base will be “green, healthy, organic, "Enriched selenium and no drug residues" is the production standard. The purpose is to benefit the people and allow more people to enjoy it, similar to the quality and taste of agricultural and sideline products during the people’s commune."
As one of the indispensable trace elements for the human body, selenium is hailed as the "fire of life" by the world medical community. It is the third most important trace element necessary for the human body after iodine and zinc. Cancer etc. play a very important role. More and more selenium-enriched agricultural and sideline products are appearing in the eyes of consumers. Se-enriched eggs, selenium-enriched pork, selenium-enriched fruits and vegetables, selenium-enriched rice, selenium-enriched water, etc. Agricultural production has evolved into a "functional agriculture" production model, which not only promotes the subdivision and development of the agricultural pattern, but also greatly increases the added value of agricultural production, and also increases the market enthusiasm for selenium-enriched agriculture, which is practical for farmers Increasing production and income has created huge benefits.
The selenium-enriched industry has become a new trend in future agricultural development, and it is bound to move forward steadily for sustainable development. The selenium-enriched industry created by China Ocean Quantum Technology Co., Ltd. ranges from base to farmers, from technology to application, from field to table. , All take people’s livelihood health as their own responsibility. In today’s 5G era, use advanced technologies such as Internet + agriculture, Internet of Things + agriculture to create selenium-enriched agricultural sightseeing tourism + selenium-enriched agricultural and sideline products + quantum technology experience + fresh product cold Chain logistics + selenium-enriched agricultural and sideline product chain convenience stores + health service consulting, and tourism, supply and marketing as an integrated health industry chain, will inevitably lead to a new round of catering structure segmentation.
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