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Semiconductor material bismuth telluride

What is bismuth telluride?

Bismuth telluride is a gray powder with the molecular formula Bi2Te3. Bismuth telluride is a semiconductor material with good electrical but poor thermal conductivity. Although bismuth telluride is low risk, it can also be fatal if ingested in large quantities. However, this material can allow electrons to move on its surface without energy consumption at room temperature, bringing a leap in the operating speed of chips and even significantly improving the operating speed and efficiency of computer chips. The National Accelerator Laboratory of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) of the United States Department of Energy and scientists from the Stanford Institute of Materials and Energy Sciences (SIMES) of Stanford University have worked together. On June 11, 2009, in the online edition of Science Letters, American physicist Chen Yulin and others published a test report on the electronic properties of bismuth telluride. The test results show that this material has the apparent characteristics of a topological insulator, allowing electrons to flow freely on its surface without losing any energy.


The Discovery Process of Bismuth Telluride

The researchers tested bismuth telluride samples using X-rays emitted by SLAC Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Light Source and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Advanced Light Source. When investigating its electronic properties, they found that it had the apparent characteristics of topological insulators and that the actual properties of bismuth telluride were also better than their theoretical properties. Experiments have shown that bismuth telluride can withstand higher temperatures than predicted by theory, which also means that this material is closer to the application envisioned by scientists. This magical property may originate from electrons that unexpectedly fail to move smoothly. The quantum spin of each electron corresponds to the electron's motion, known as the quantum spin Hall effect. This adjustment is an essential part of creating a spin electronic device. Researchers have explained that when you hit something, it usually spreads and may bounce back, but the quantum spin hall effect means you cannot reflect it in precisely the opposite path. The dramatic impact of this is that electrons flow without resistance. By applying a voltage to a topological insulator, this particular spin current will flow without causing heat and dissipation of the material.


Use of bismuth telluride

Topological insulators are not conventional superconductors, nor can they be used for ultra-efficient power lines, as they can only carry a small amount of current. However, they pave the way for the paradigm shift in microchip development, leading to a new application of spintronics, using electron spin to carry information. Moreover, bismuth telluride is easy to produce and use in practical applications. This three-dimensional material can be manufactured using existing mature semiconductor technology and easily doped, making it relatively easy to tune its performance. Properties: Periodic table leading group V, VI group element compound semiconductor. Triangular crystal, with a rhombohedral primitive cell, a lattice constant of 1.0473 nm, and a density of 7.8587 g/cm3. The melting point is 585 . Covalent bonds bind it and have a specific ionic bond composition. Bismuth telluride is an indirect band gap semiconductor with a room temperature band gap width of 0.145eV and electron and hole mobility of 0.135 and 4.4, respectively × 10-2m2/(V · s), thermoelectric quality coefficient 1.6 × 10-3/K They are prepared by the Bridgma, zone melting, and Czochralski methods. Good temperature difference material.


Price of bismuth telluride

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