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Small structures: structure design, synthesis and application of two dimensional covalent organic framework semiconductor materials

organic semiconductor materials are a kind of organic compounds or polymers with semiconductor properties. The conductive effect of these materials will change significantly with different illumination heating doping materials. In addition they have the advantages of low cost high flexibility easy processing high stability so on which make them very promising to be used in flexible electronics the next generation of wearable sensing electronic devices. After decades of development organic semiconductor materials have made a series of breakthroughs in synthesis performance improvement device preparation. Covalent organic framework (COF) is a new type of crystalline polymer. Covalent organic framework (COF) can form a network structure with clear structure pre design predictability through covalent bonding. Two dimensional COF has the advantages of good crystallinity high stability high specific surface area. Its unique one-dimensional columnar densely packed aromatic structural units are very conducive to the charge interaction conduction between two adjacent layers. The semiconductor properties photoelectric properties of two-dimensional COF can be adjusted by changing the structure content of its functional basic units. The emergence of these materials enriches the variety of organic semiconductor materials provides an ideal platform for their structure performance control.

Professor Chen Hongzheng researcher Huang Ning Department of polymer science engineering Zhejiang University reviewed the recent development status of two-dimensional COF semiconductor materials summarized the structural design synthesis related applications in optoelectronic field of these materials. The topology design of two-dimensional COF semiconductor materials is mainly based on the principle of plane geometry which adopts symmetrical matching nodes connecting elements to realize the pre construction of structural symmetry channel shape. According to the carrier transport characteristics of two-dimensional COF semiconductor materials they can be divided into three types: p-type n-type bipolar. (1) There are many kinds of p-type COF semiconductors which are mainly constructed by electron rich aromatic derivatives as basic units such as benzphenanthrene porphyrin phthalocyanine thiophene tetrathiafulvalene. For example the hole mobility of porphyrin based cof-366 is as high as 8.1 cm2v – 1s – 1 which is higher than that of most traditional organic semiconductor materials. (2) N-type COF semiconductors are mainly composed of electron deficient units but there are few kinds of such materials. For example 2D NIPC BTDA COF based on nickel phthalocyanine benzothiadiazole has an electron mobility of 0.6 cm2 V – 1 s – 1. (3) Bipolar COF semiconductors are constructed by periodically alternating the basic units of electron donor electron acceptor. The bicontinuous one-dimensional columnar structure can provide high-speed channels for both electron hole conduction. For example the electron hole mobility of da-cof based on benzophenanthrene (d) benzothiadiazole (a) can reach 0.04 0.01 cm2v – 1s – 1 respectively. In addition the current problems challenges of two-dimensional COF semiconductor materials are briefly reviewed including controllable preparation of ordered thin films formation growth mechanism efficient device preparation function development.

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