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Spacecraft Bearings, Exploring the Reused Parts of the Universe

Aviation refers to the navigation activities of aircraft in the atmosphere of the earth. In the long years of conquering nature, humanity has long had the desire to soar in the sky and travel the universe. In an era of low productivity and scientific and technological levels, this desire can only stay in the stage of fantasy.
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Although humans have made various flight explorations and attempts very early, the realization of this desire began with the hot air balloon lifted off in the 18th century. Since the first powered, steerable aircraft completed a brief flight in the early 20th century, the ancient dream of humans flying in the atmosphere has become a reality. After the hard work of many outstanding figures, aviation science and technology has developed rapidly, and the performance of aircraft has been continuously improved. Humanity has gradually achieved freedom of movement in the atmosphere and has also increased confidence in flying out of the atmosphere.
In the mid-1950s, based on significant advances in science and technology such as rockets, electronics, and automatic control, the successful launch of the first human-made Earth satellite ushered in a new era of human spaceflight.
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The aerospace industry's development is the result of the rapid advancement of science and technology in the 20th century and the rapid advancement of social production. Aerospace achievements have gathered many new achievements in science and technology. Although the aerospace activities so far are only the first few steps of human beings, leaving the cradle of the earth, its role has far exceeded the field of science and technology. It has had a broad and far-reaching impact on politics, economy, military, and human social life
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