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Structural Information of Calcium hexaboride

What is Calcium hexaboride?

Calcium hexaboride (CaB6) is a compound of calcium and boron in which the coordination number of the calcium is 18. Calcium hexaboride is also referred to as calcium boride. It is an important material due to its large electrical conductivity, moderate hardness, high chemical stability, and high melting point. This compound is continually being researched, and new information about the compound is still being discovered. It is a lustrous black powder with a low density and a high melting point. It is a chemically inert compound with the typical metal hexaboride structure, with octahedral units of 6 boron atoms combined with calcium atoms. CaB6 and lanthanum-doped CaB6 have been found to have weak ferromagnetic properties. RBx has been investigated due to various peculiar physical properties, such as superconductivity, valence fluctuation and Kondo effects, anomalous magnetism, and narrow gap semiconducting properties. Typical samples of CaB6 are nonstoichiometric, i.e., the ratio of boron to calcium is not exactly 6:1; for example, the ultra-fine powders of CaB6 produced by some researchers had a B: Ca ratio of 5.91:1.


Structural Information of Calcium hexaboride

The crystal structure of calcium hexaboride is a cubic lattice with calcium at the cell center and compact, regular octahedral of boron atoms linked at the vertices by B-B bonds to give a 3-D boron network. Each calcium has 24 nearest-neighbor boron atoms. The calcium atoms are arranged in simple cubic packing so that there are holes between groups of eight calcium atoms situated at the vertices of a cube. [14] The simple cubic structure is expanded by introducing the octahedral B6 groups, and the structure is a CsCl-like packing of the calcium and hexaboride groups. [14] Another way of describing calcium hexaboride is as having a metal and a B62- octahedral polymeric anions in a CsCl-type structure where the Calcium atoms occupy the Cs sites and the B6 octahedra in the Cl sites. The Ca-B bond length is 3.05 Å, and the B-B bond length is 1.7 Å. The predicted lattice constant varies between 4.08 and 4.105 Å, while it has been experimentally measured from 4.145 to 4.153 Å.


Preparation of Calcium hexaboride

Methods of producing CaB6 powder include high-temperature reactions of calcium and boron at 1000°C,  Ca(OH)2 and boron in a vacuum at about 1700°C,  calcium carbonate, CaCO3, and boron, B4C in a vacuum above 1600°C, B with Calcium or calcium oxide (CaO) at 800-1800°C, or from CaO and H3BO3 and Mg at 1100°C—one of the main reactions for industrial production.


Price of Calcium hexaboride

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