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Structural properties and applications of titanium nitride

While nitrogen’s chemical properties are very stable, it is capable of forming nitrides containing many elements under special circumstances. These nitrides have become the center of attention for research. A structural material, titanium nitride has an attractive yellow color and high melting points. You can use it to create high-temperature superconducting materials.

1. The structure and properties of titanium Nitride

TiN exhibits a NaCl structure typical of a cubic lattice. At the top of the face centred cubic are nitrogen atoms. In the (1/2,0,0), space position in the face-centered cube, the titanium atom is found. TiN is non-stoichiometric and has the following stable composition: TiN0.6 TiN1.16. It is possible to alter the amount of nitrogen within a specified range, but not cause any changes in TiN’s structure. The general color of the tiN powder, ultrafine TiN powder, and TiN crystal are yellowish brown. The Lattice constant for TiN is 4.23nm. The TiC’s mesh constant is at 4.238 nm. TiO has a 4.15 nm. Because the lattice parameters for these substances are so close, the TiN molecules contains very little nitrogen. You can replace the atoms with carbon and oxygen atoms to create a reliable solution. It is the content of nitrogen that determines titanium nitride’s physical and chemical characteristics. If nitrogen levels are reduced, titaniu’s lattice parameters and hardness increase. However, titanium nitride’s shock resistance is decreased.

Specific properties of titanium-nitride are: the melting point is 2950.6, the coefficient of linear expansion is 5.712×106 (1 / K), (25), density 5.435g/cm3, thermal conductivity 25.081(W * m-1* K-1) (3002000), Mohs Hardness 8. It is usually yellowish-brown in color. The black color is ultra-fine titan nitride, and the yellow color is titanium nutride crystal. Numerous aggregated titan nitride crystallines display a golden-yellow metallic luster. Titanium nitride has the following chemical characteristics: It is stable; it doesn’t react with water, acids (hydrochloric Acid and sulfuric Acid), but can be combined into hydrofluoric. Titanium nitride can be completely disintegrated in hydrofluoric acids containing an oxidizing ingredient. When titanium nitride has been dissolved in an alkaline solution, the ammonia will be released.

2. Use of titanium nitride It has excellent physical and chemical characteristics, such as high melting points, good chemical stability and high optical properties. This makes it very useful in many fields, particularly in the area of metal ceramics, and gold decoration. In the metal ceramics and gold decoration fields, there is an increasing demand for titanium Nitride powder. Titinium nitride coating is affordable, durable, and resistant to corrosion. Titanium nitride has many potential applications.

The is used primarily in the following areas:

(1) Titrium nitride can be used in clinical medicine as well as stomatology.

(2) Titanium Nitride has low friction coefficient, and is suitable for high-temperature applications.

(3) This version of titanium nitride is metallic and can be used for simulated gold decorations. It has excellent application prospects in gold industry. Titanium nitride can also serve as a gold coating in jewellery industry.

You can use it to make new tools. This device offers significantly longer service lives and durability than standard carbide tools.

A new multifunctional ceramic material, titanium nitride . The TiC–Mo-Ni series cermets can have a significant amount of titanium dioxide added to improve the quality of hard phase grains. This will result in ceramics with excellent physical properties at both room and high temperatures. An increase in degree can dramatically improve the high temperature corrosion resistance and resistance to oxidation of the cermet. Adding TiN powder in specific proportions to ceramic can also enhance strength, toughness and durability. Nano titanium nitride is added to Al2O3 nano-ceramics In TiN/Al2O3. They are uniformly mixed by different methods, such as mechanical mixing, etc. A conductive network is formed when the ceramic material has nano-titanium nutride particles. This material could be used in electronic parts of the semiconductor industry.

A certain amount of TIN can improve the resistance to slag in magnesia’s-carbon bricks.

(7) Titium nitrideis a great structural material that can be used to make rockets and steam-jet propellers. A titanium nitride-alloy is used in the production of seal rings and bearings. This highlights the exceptional application effects of titanium Nitride.

You can make it into electrodes and points contacts thanks to the excellent conductivity of titan nitride.

(9) Titium nitridehas an extremely high superconducting threshold and is therefore an ideal material for superconducting.

(10) TiTiNiRe‘s melting point is greater than that of most transition metal Nitrides. The density is also lower than other metal nitrides. Thus, it is a special refractory material.

(11) The glass can be covered with titanium nitride as a film. The glass’ thermal insulation can be improved if the infrared reflection is greater than 75% and the film thickness is greater than 90nm. You can also adjust the amount of nitrogen contained in titanium Nitride to alter the colour of the titanium Nitride film. This will achieve the desired aesthetic effect.

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