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Synthesis method of high-quality copper oxide crystal for quantum photonics

In our general understanding, copper oxidation usually means tarnished surfaces and corroded electronic devices. However, the compound cuprous oxide Cu2O is a promising material for quantum photonics, optoelectronics, and renewable energy technologies. Now, researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology have found a method to synthesize high-quality copper oxide crystallites.

Researchers have developed scalable production methods for the production of cuprous oxide (Cu2O) micron crystals.

The unique nature of Cu2O enables new solutions that may lead to the use of solid-state light for quantum information processing, which is difficult for other materials. This work paved the way for the widespread use of Cu2O in optoelectronics and the development of new device technologies

In order to synthesize crystals, the researchers heated the copper thin film to high temperature under vacuum and determined the growth parameters to achieve Cu2O crystallites with excellent optical material quality. The process is compatible with standard silicon manufacturing technology and allows photonic circuit integration.

The new synthesis method is related to very low-cost manufacturing, is suitable for mass production, and does not form toxic or harmful gases or chemicals to the environment.

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