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The appearance of Mobile EV Chargers has certain advantages and convenience

The meaning of Mobile EV Chargers
Those who have known about new energy vehicles know that new energy vehicles cannot be charged without charging piles. At present, charging piles can be divided into DC and AC charging piles, which can be installed on the ground or on the wall. In order to facilitate travel, can the existing fixed charging piles be replaced with Mobile EV Chargers? It is theoretically and technically feasible.
Advantages and disadvantages of Mobile EV Chargers
Compared with the fixed charging pile, the appearance of Mobile EV Chargers has certain advantages and convenience. To a large extent, it can easily solve the problem of failure of fixed DC charging pile or the embarrassment of not charging parking space, deal with all kinds of emergencies, and charge anytime and anywhere. When there is leakage of the charging pile, It can be repaired in time, and will not produce a large safety risk. For a fixed charging pile, it is not convenient to move it once it is installed, and the use location of the charging pile cannot be switched at will.
However, does that mean that Mobile EV Chargers has no disadvantages? In fact, there are some limitations in practicability. Mobile EV Chargers are relatively fixed or installed on the car, and they are not directly output through electric energy like fixed charging posts. A mobile charging pile can meet the demand of 5 ~ 8 electric vehicles at a time, and it still needs to supplement electric energy when there is no power.
Secondly, in terms of convenience, electric vehicles will encounter inconvenience when they are connected to the charger when reversing or braking. If there is a collision, the charger will also have safety risks. The appearance of Mobile EV Chargers is just a transition and supplement when the charging network construction of electric vehicles is not perfect. It is also a solution to provide more temporary rescue charging.

Prospects for Mobile EV Chargers
One of the key points to solve the charging problem of electric vehicles should be charging on stop. To solve this problem, relying only on a large number of charging pile layouts is far from enough, and mobile charging should be a very effective solution. The key to operating Mobile EV Chargers should be to find the depression of electricity price, PV and off-peak power should be good choices, and then the cost and loss control of batteries. Of course, the innovation of the business model is also crucial. With the above guarantees, the market prospect of Mobile EV Chargers is good.
Mobile EV Chargers Supplier
Grasen Mobile EV Chargers are battery-powered, providing powerful charging without the need for complex infrastructure. EV drivers can charge up anywhere, away from home or charging stations. Mobile EV charger provides an alternative solution to the traditional fixed charging infrastructure: instead of letting the EV drivers look for charging stations, the mobile charger comes to the vehicle to charge it.
Start your EV charging station businesses with Grasen. For a no-obligation quote latest price of Mobile EV Chargers or technical support, please contact us and fill in your details, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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