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The Cooperation Story Between China CNC Machining Suppliers PTJ and Japanese customers

That was the Shanghai exhibition at the end of October 2018. I, PTJ Cnc Machining Japan Sales Manager Kinkatokukinkatoku, and PTJ Engineers 3 people participated in the exhibition with "precision machining" as the main body. Because we are participating in a Japanese-funded business conference, the organizer has integrated the wishes of the exhibitors in advance and arranged for us to discuss matching work. The three of us divided the work, and the two of us went to the customer we interviewed together. I was responsible for staying at the booth and receiving visiting customers.
Suddenly, 5 people came, who seemed to be interested in the core parts of the car assembly line we presented, and asked about the material of the product. (At that time, I thought I really met someone who knew it, because this product was produced In the past 3 years, three materials have been used). I immediately exchanged business cards with them one by one, only to find that these five people are not from the same company. How to do? One person cannot correspond to two customers at the same time, and it is inappropriate to ignore or despise any customer. Smartly and neutrally, he immediately called his colleague's phone, briefly explained the situation, and asked for immediate support.

Guide the customers to sit down. Due to the limitations of the booth location, they arranged for the presidents and executives of the two companies to sit down. Only then did they learn that although they are two companies, they have been trading for a long time and have a high degree of mutual trust. High customer and cooperative business relationship. We started the information exchange, from product introduction, company advantages, company team, etc. From the exchange of product details, it can be seen that this customer is very professional and has strong machining capabilities, ranging from 5-axis machining, CNC turning, milling, JG to PG, wire cutting, investment casting and die casting.
During this conversation, there are several details:
One of the details, in the process of customer conversation, the customer said "カノウさん", did not say "your company", but called our company name directly, which made me realize that this customer had already understood us before coming to our booth . Asked in person if I knew our company before I came, and the customer president replied that he had confirmed the directory beforehand. Judging from this detail, this is a prospective customer.
The second detail is to look carefully at the customer's business card. Two people from the same company have the same last name, in order to avoid the embarrassment of asking the wrong question "These two look like family members?". Don't dare to ask if it's the father and son, for fear that if it's not, isn't it embarrassing?
Detail 3: The two customers are from Nagoya and Kagoshima respectively. At that time, I didn’t really have any idea about the specific location of Kagoshima. (Although this question is very low-level, trading with Japan for so long, I don’t even know the approximate location of the famous location), ask the customer where Kagoshima is. At the same time, it is mentioned that the company has implemented Inamori’s business philosophy for 4 years, and his old man’s birthplace is Kagoshima. What I never expected was that this client had received personal education from Mr. Kazuo Inamori. In just over an hour of conversation, we have truly felt that we have received similar education and quickly gained a sense of identity in our ideas.
I have already made a plan to travel to Japan in December. I thought I would only visit customers between Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, such as Hokkaido in the north and Jiuzhou in the south, as usual. After all, Japan is long and narrow, and transportation and cnc machining costs are too high. So, I told the client that I would also visit in December, but Jiuzhou is too far away and I can only go to Nagoya.
Unexpectedly, the customer sent an inquiry immediately after returning to the country and gave a high evaluation:
What is even more unexpected is that the next day after the inquiry was ordered, it took just a week from the first meeting to the official order. At the same time, the order amount may have broken the company's first order record for new customers.
Fate, let us get acquainted thousands of miles away. Trust makes us more responsible for our mission. Support, let us go further together.

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