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The Discovery of Cell Aging Can Effectively Slow Down Human Aging

Discovery of Cellular Senescence Pathway

According to relevant media reports, researchers have recently discovered that cells tend to follow one of two aging pathways. The aging mode of each individual cell has been determined at an early stage, and scientists can predict the aging mode of the cell based on the early observations. Scientists hope that their work can lead to treatments that may delay human aging.
Researchers from the University of California, San Diego have discovered what scientists say are two different pathways that cells can take when aging. This research, published in the journal Science, brings us a little closer to perhaps one day stopping or even stopping the cellular aging process.

Research Results of Yeast Cells

The speed at which our body ages depends on the cells in our body. Over time, the cell’s DNA will decompose, causing various problems, and ultimately ending our lives in one way or another. This new study uses yeast as a simulation of human skin or stem cells, and attempts to determine whether there is any room for cell aging. As a result, the researchers found that cells tend to follow one of two paths, and they seem to follow these paths regardless of external stimuli or environmental conditions.
In the process of studying yeast cells, the research team found that one of the two areas of any particular cell will be the first to show signs of deterioration. "Using microfluidics, computer modeling and other technologies, they found that about half of the cells are aging through the gradual decline in the stability of ribol, which is a region of nuclear DNA, and the key component of the protein production factory Synthesized here," the researcher explained in a press release. "In contrast, the other half are aging due to the dysfunction of their mitochondria (the energy production unit of the cell)."


Determination of Cell Cenescence Route

It is particularly interesting that cells seem to have developed along one of these two aging pathways almost from the time they were created. Even before the cells deteriorate violently, their fate seems to be doomed, regardless of environmental factors. "In order to understand how cells make these decisions, we determined the molecular processes of each aging route and the connections between them, revealing the molecular'circuits' that control cell aging, which is similar to the circuits that control household appliances. "The study's senior author Nan Hao said in a statement.
Researchers hope that their work can lead to gene therapy that may delay the aging process, and by delaying aging at the cellular level, so that human life span will be greatly increased.
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