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The Fourth Form of Water: Supercritical Water

As the source of all things and the beginning of life, water plays an irreplaceable role in nurturing life. The birthplace of civilizations in all dynasties also grew up close to water; although the chemical composition of water is dihydrogen monoxide, it looks very simple in structure. But it can be soft or rigid, turning into a trickling stream, nurturing fry, or transforming into a torrential beast, swallowing the world; in our eyes, water has only three forms: gas, liquid, and solid, but recently some scientists have discovered water The fourth form.

How Did The Water on Earth Come From

Four-fifths of the earth's surface is water, but 200 million years ago, the earth was completely submerged and covered by water; what kind of power can gather so much water? Scientists discovered that liquid water existed shortly after the formation of the earth, that is, 4.5 billion years ago.
And 4.5 billion years ago, when the earth was just formed, there was already a chemical structure of water with one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. This also made scientists guess that it was probably when the earth was just formed. , The rocks were dehydrated and gradually formed the water on the earth now.
However, some scholars believe that at the beginning of the earth’s formation, the earth’s atmosphere has not yet formed, and the rotation speed is still showing a faster trend, so it is easy to attract meteorites or comets that could have been avoided, with rich water resources. The meteorite hit the earth, and over time, there is so much water on the earth now.
The lunar samples taken on Apollo 15 and 17 to the moon had the same deuterium-hydrogen ratio as that of carbonaceous chondrites, and almost the same ratio as that of water on Earth; therefore, the scientists came to the hypothesis that Jupiter is one When it first entered the orbit of the solar system, it disrupted the original orbit of water-rich meteorites. These meteorites then migrated to the earth and the moon, eventually resulting in the earth and the moon having the same source of water resources.

Polymorphic Water

In fact, the water we see in our lives can only be called aqueous solutions, and cannot be called pure water in the true sense, that is, liquid dihydrogen monoxide; water is at room temperature, which is between 20 and 40°C. There are colorless and odorless liquids; and the water we see contains not only water, but also dissolved substances such as acid, alkali and salt. For truly pure water, we can use the different substances in the aqueous solution. The boiling point is different and pure pure water is obtained by distillation.
The state of water changes with changes in temperature, with the highest density at a temperature of 3.98 degrees Fahrenheit.
Water is usually filtered through the cycle of nature to form freshwater resources. The general way is to first evaporate, then condense, and then evaporate, that is, the process of changing from clouds to rain, or ice, and then to water vapor. The reason why water on earth has always existed.
The supercritical water discovered by scientists recently adds another form of hydrogen monoxide, which is a supercritical state; according to related research reports, this state requires liquid water to be subjected to ultra-high temperature and pressure. It will form a kind of liquid and gaseous water with no difference in density or mass. It can also be called a fluid. It can burn like a fire and can dissolve grease. This completely violates the normal laws of physics.
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