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The main uses and application fields of zinc stearate

Zinc stearate is a white powder, insoluble in water. Zinc stearate is mainly used as a lubricant and release agent for styrene resin, phenolic resin, and amino resin. At the same time, it also has the function of vulcanization activator and softener in rubber.
Application areas of zinc stearate
1. Used in the pharmaceutical industry, in the preparation of solidified oil and lubricants, and also as a paint desiccant. It is used in the processing of PVC and rubber non-toxic products. It has a synergistic effect with calcium stearate and barium stearate. It can effectively improve the light and heat stability of PVC and rubber products. The usual amount in PVC processing
2. It is used as a rubber compound, and also in the manufacture of PP, PE, PS, EPS polymer additives and pencil cores. The general dosage is 1 to 3 parts.
3. Zinc stearate can be used as heat stabilizer; lubricant; grease; accelerator; thickener, etc. For example, it can generally be used as a heat stabilizer for PVC resin.
4. Used in general industrial transparent products; used with a calcium soap, can be used in non-toxic products, generally, this product is mostly used for soft products, but in recent years, hard and transparent products such as mineral water bottles, water pipes and other products have been used. This product has good lubricity, Can improve the appearance of fouling, and can also be used as a lubricant, release agent, the flattening agent of paint, and additive of paint.

The main use of zinc stearate
It can be used as a non-toxic stabilizer for polyvinyl chloride with low initial coloration and good weather resistance. This product should not be used alone, because it has a significant catalytic effect on the degradation of polyvinyl chloride, and after a period of time, the product can change color rapidly. It is used with barium-cadmium soap for general soft products. The dosage of this product should not be too large, but when used in conjunction with epoxy compounds and phosphorous esters, the dosage can be appropriately increased.
It can also be used as a lubricant for styrene resin, polystyrene, ABS and SAN resin, and a release agent for transparent products. In the rubber industry, this product can be used as a lubricant and diaphragm agent for rubber compounds (anti-sticking). In addition. It can also be used as a textile polishing agent, paint flattening agent and cosmetic ingredients.
Metal soap powder. Used in the creation of powder, pressed powder, etc. It is mainly used as an adhesive of fragrance powder to increase the adhesion of fragrance powder on the skin. Zinc stearate is light and soft, and when added to powder cosmetics, it covers the outside of other powders, making the powder easily permeable. The addition amount is generally 5%-15%.
Anti-foaming agent. Light and heat stabilizer. Paint smoothing agent and abrasive. Drying lubricant and release agent for feet. Stabilizer, release agent, lubricant for plastic products. Waterproofing agent for concrete, brown asbestos, paper and fabric. Used in cosmetics and ointments.
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