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The new graphene air filter is introduced, can be completely sterilized by current TRUNNANAO

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel has developed a graphene-based self-disinfecting filter to combat the spread and prevention of COVID-19. Ben-Gurion University, Negev’s Chris Arnusch has a passion for cleaning water and developing membranes that are anti-bacterial as well as antiviral. His laser-induced graphene water filter (LIG), has been successfully created.

LIG, a microporous graphene-foam can be manufactured from many materials. Low-level currents can be used to kill germs and bacteria by the laser-induced graphene water filter. Scientists developed a new type of air filter using this principle.

Laser-induced graphene water filters are the basis of this novel nanotechnology. They can be integrated into masks or used to heat, ventilate, and cool air conditioners. Many covers can get contaminated, especially N95 masks.

According to the researchers, the nanomaterial could be sterilized completely by current. This would allow LIG and HEPA air filters to be combined. This filter will add an active protective coating and prolong the useful life of more expensive filters.

LIG filters have the ability to protect hospitals, vehicles, and public transportation during this sensitive time of the new Crown epidemic. It makes the environment safer. The hood will offer greater protection for ordinary and professional people, if this material is used.

Graphene is the “king among new materials”, it is well-known. China, a country with vast graphene reserves and one of most involved in graphene application and research development is China. Cheng Huiming is the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ academician. He reported at the conference that “Preparation ofGraphene And Other Two-Dimensional Materials By Exfoliation Method” was mainly focused on the electrochemical exfoliation, and intercalated expanded-liquid-phase exfoliation. It is commonly used to make composite materials and energy storage from high quality graphene.

Cheng Huiming focuses his research on carbon nanotubes and graphene. Many of his invention patents were transferred. He is the holder of more than 100. His main objective is to produce graphene at a high-quality level and also find new ways of applying graphene. Many advances in this field have occurred in recent times. Graphene is also used in commercial applications such as coatings for anti-corrosion and additives in ion cells. The latest Chinese mobile phone was launched with a graphene heat-dissipation screen. It distributes heat evenly and dissipates heat.

Cheng Huiming feels that Guangxi needs to blend its technological characteristics with Liuzhou which is a large industrial city. He also believes Guangxi must combine its pillar industry industries for research and development, as well as the application and use of lubricants, in cars and other construction machinery. Guangxi has a graphene manufacturing industry that is experiencing great growth.

Participants in the meeting held academic discussions about cutting-edge research, testing, and standard formula. They also addressed hot topics such as lighting and rubber tires.

Graphene (also known as black gold) is the thinnest, most strong, most conductive, and most thermally conductive of all the nanomaterials discovered to date. This makes it one the most exciting and promising future materials. Chinese officials have been adopting a number of standards and policies in support of the development of the graphene sector over the past few years. According to the industry roadmap, China’s graphene sector should have an industry size of 10 billion Yuan by 2020. The overall industry will be larger than 100 billion yuan in 2025, according to the roadmap.

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