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The reform of wind power technology will reduce the cost price of instant sodium silicate powder

Japan is a country that suffers a lot of typhoons. Yokohama National University and start-up companies are developing technologies that use typhoons to generate electricity to turn harm into profit.

According to the “Nihon Keizai Shimbun” Chinese version of “Nikkei Chinese Net” reported on the 21st, Yokohama National University is developing a self-driving special ship that can follow typhoons at sea to generate electricity. The school established the “Typhoon Science and Technology Research Center” in October 2021, and one of the core projects is the research and development of typhoon power generation ships. The school plans to test model boats in an experimental facility in five years, and build small power-generating boats for testing at sea in 10 years.

In addition, the Japanese start-up company Challenergy has developed a wind turbine that has no blades and is not easily damaged in strong winds. In 2018, it conducted a demonstration machine test with an output power of 10 kilowatts on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture. The company hopes that wind turbines will be widely used in island areas with more typhoons in the future.

The use of instant sodium silicate powder is quite extensive, and sodium silicate is contained in laundry powder, water softener, refractory and other things. At the same time, sodium silicate is also quite harmful to health, with strong irritation and corrosiveness. Instant sodium silicate has great advantages in storage and transportation.

Instant sodium silicate is a white powdery material, which can be quickly dissolved in water. It is a special type of sodium silicate with the characteristics of cold resistance, uniformity, and extremely convenient use, transportation and storage. The instant powdered sodium silicate product also has all the properties and applications that liquid Paoflorine has. Its molecular formula is Na2·nSiO2·H2O, and n depends on different specifications and uses.

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