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The Use of amorphous boron powder

What is amorphous boron powder?

Boron is well known as an advanced fuel in air-breathing propulsion systems due to its high gravimetric and volumetric heat value. This laboratory has developed a process at a pilot plant scale to prepare Amorphous Boron Powder (ABP) by the magnesiothermic reduction of B2O3 using the Self-propagating, High-temperature Synthesis (SHS) process. The crude boron produced (containing impurities such as B2O3, MgO, magnesium borides, magnesium corroborates, etc.) is crushed, pulverized, and puried by sequential leaching processes using concentrated HCl, water, and alcohol. The boron obtained by this process has a purity of 85-88%, with magnesium as the significant impurity (9-11%), and is referred to as ABP Grade-II (Gr-II). The boron impurities are further removed by an oxidative roasting process at 600 °C in air, followed by acid leaching. Amorphous Boron Powder (ABP) is used as a fuel in air-breathing propulsion systems due to its high gravimetric and volumetric heat value.  


ABP is sensitive to air and undergoes slow oxidation during storage and handling. They lead to forming a boric acid layer on the particle surface. This paper describes an analytical method for estimating boric acid in ABP. In-house samples obtained from the pilot plant of this laboratory, as well as commercial samples, were assayed for their boric acid content. Characterizing the ABP samples by SEM with EDX and FTIR substantiates the study. The aging characteristics of in-house boron powder were also studied.


The use of amorphous boron powder

Saturation magnetization and magnetic anisotropy have been studied during the mechanical alloying of Fe75Nb10B15 alloys prepared using crystalline and commercial amorphous boron. The evolution of saturation magnetization indicates a more efficient dissolution of boron into the matrix using amorphous boron, particularly for short milling times. The magnetization of the crystalline phase increases as boron is incorporated into this phase. Two milling time regimes can be used to describe the evolution of magnetic anisotropy: a first regime governed by microstrains and a second one mainly governed by crystal size and amorphous fraction. Amorphous boron powder(ABP) has a comparative edge over conventional fuels like aluminum, magnesium, etc., owing to its high heat of combustion for use in fuel-rich propellants for integrated rocket ramjets. The low atomic weight, high heat output, ready ignitability with KNO3, releasing large amounts of heat, and persistent burning even at low-pressure make boron-based pyrotechnic composition a lovely igniter composition.


Price of amorphous boron powder

Amorphous boron powder particle size and purity will affect the product's Price, and the purchase volume can also affect the cost of Amorphous boron powder. A large amount of large amount will be lower. The Price of amorphous boron powder is on our company's official website.


Amorphous boron powder supplier

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