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Titanium nitride can be applied to high-temperature structural materials and superconducting materials

What is titanium nitride?
Titanium nitride is a compound with a molecular formula of TiN and a molecular weight of 61.88. The tiN powder is generally yellowish-brown, the ultrafine TiN powder is black, and TiN crystals are golden yellow. TiN has a melting point of 2950°C, Mohs hardness of 8-9, and a density of 5.43. Good thermal shock resistance. The melting point of TiN is higher than that of most transition metal nitrides, but the density is lower than that of most metal nitrides. Slightly soluble in hydrofluoric acid, aqua regia, nitric acid, but insoluble in water. It has a high melting point, high strength, high hardness, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, high-temperature chemical stability, and excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.


Uses of titanium nitride
1. Titanium nitride coatings are widely used on metal edges to maintain the corrosion resistance of mechanical molds, such as drills and milling cutters, and their life is often improved by three or more factors.
2. Because of its metallic luster, it is often used as an embellishment for clothing and car decoration. As the outer coating, nickel (Ni) or chromium (Cr) is usually used as the plated substrate to package pipes and door and window hardware.
3. The coating is also used in aerospace and military, as well as to protect the sliding surfaces of suspension devices of bicycles and motorcycles, and even the shock-absorbing shafts of remote control toy vehicles.
4. The material is non-toxic and conforms to FDA regulations, so it is also commonly used in medical devices, such as maintaining the sharpness of the edge of scalpel blades and orthopedic bone saw blades, or directly as implanted prostheses (especially hip replacement implants) ) And other medical implants.
5. Titanium nitride film can be used in the field of microelectronics as a conductive barrier between active devices and metal contacts. When the film is diffused into metal silicon, its conductivity (30-70μΩ·cm) is sufficient to form a good conductive connection. (aka. Tanki New Materials Co.Ltd.) is a trusted global chemical material supplier & manufacturer with over 12 years of experience in providing super high-quality chemicals and Nanomaterials. As a leading nanotechnology development and product name manufacturer, Tanki New Materials Co.Ltd dominates the market. Our professional      work team provides perfect solutions to help improve the efficiency of various industries, create value,and easily cope with various challenges. If you are looking for titanium nitride, please feel free to contact us.

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