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What are the details of the upcoming iPhone SE?

iPhone SE has two main audiences. The first is budget-sensitive consumers who don’t want to spend $799 on the iPhone 13 (not to mention the Pro Max for $999 and Pro Max for $1,099). The second is those who People who like compact phones.
The retro design of the iPhone SE 3 Although there are rumors that Apple will make a major overhaul of the iPhone SE 3, a report by Guo Xiaolu seems to have poured cold water on them. In the MacRumors report, Guo said that the third-generation iPhone SE will be similar to the existing SE models, which may indicate that retro designs will continue to exist. This means that we will get the iconic thick bezels on the top and bottom of the iPhone SE, as well as a physical home button, possibly with Touch ID, for a more tactile user experience. Like the 2016 version, the upcoming iPhone SE is said to have a camera on the back of the phone.
However, the design of the iPhone SE 3 may still be changed. According to "Forbes" reports, according to rumors on the Chinese website MyDrivers, Apple's next affordable iPhone will use the iPhone XR chassis instead of the iPhone 8.
iPhone SE 3 will be equipped with an LCD and 5G is rumored that Apple will continue to use the third-generation SE LCD instead of upgrading to an OLED screen. OLEDs are generally more dynamic than LCDs, with stronger contrast and blacker blacks. I hope to see Apple use OLED on the SE 3. Considering similarly priced phones, such as OnePlus Nord and Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 10 Pro, their OLED panels are very eye-catching. But Guo Mingchi said in a report that iPhone SE 3 will not bring many major changes, but will gradually upgrade 5G support and processors.
Will there be an iPhone SE Plus? The short answer is: Yes, there should be. Guo Mingchi has been talking about the larger iPhone SE for some time. He first predicted that it will be released at the end of 2021, and then set the release time in the first half of 2022, which may be consistent with Apple's release of the iPhone SE in the spring of previous years. Tech youtube user Jon Proser posted on Twitter as early as April 2020 the existence of an oversized iPhone SE.
The rumored iPhone is said to support 5G and has a 4.7-inch LCD screen like the current iPhone SE. Young also predicts that the iPhone SE 3 will be available in 2024, equipped with a 5.7-inch to a 6.1-inch LCD.
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