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An optical microscope cannot see a nanometer. For chemical elements, hydrogen atoms have a diameter around 0.1nm. However, metal elements can be as small as 0.3 to 0.4nm.

Nano Copper Powder Introduction:

Nano Copper

This means that copper materials are at least one-dimensional in three-dimensional space.

We can subdivide the primary group of nanomaterials in three groups: (I) Zero dimension. That means all three dimensions in space, including nanoscale particles and atomic clusters are in the nanoscale. ;

One aspect (II) means that there is more than one dimension in space. Examples include nanowires and nanorods as well as nanotubes. ;

(III-2) Two aspect. It means that in nanoscales there is only one dimension, as in ultrathin films in three-dimensional space. Multilayers and superlattices are examples of this. The nanoscale processing of natural materials will result in a quantum effect, a surface effect, volume effect and a significant change to their optical, chemical, electromagnetic, magnetic and mechanical properties.

In recent years, both at home as well as abroad, there has been a lot of interest in nanomaterials research.

Nano Copper Powder Use:

2.1 Conductive Paste: This method produces a 100-nanometer thick copper powder. It can also be turned into copper electronic past. Electrodes as thin as 0.6 microns in thickness can be sintered. These electrodes can be used for MLCC.

2.2 High-efficiency catalyst: The catalysts for the conversion of hydrogen to carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide are copper and their alloy nanopowder.

2.3 Additional drug materials: The use of nano copper powder as a raw material for drugs is possible (weight ratio of 0.2-0.4%). It can reduce MDA levels, ameliorate lipid peroxidation damage from oxygen free radicals, significantly increase SOD content, boost SOD level and regulate the expression of function activity. This transformation has created a new avenue of anti-aging within the life sciences.

Many researchers have found that anti-aging drugs and treatments for cerebral thrombosis, cerebral cerebral ischemia sequelae and other conditions can be made using the same method. This is the safest, most accurate and easiest way to treat the condition. Researchers and scientists are increasingly employed to fight cancer. When this happens, the researchers turn to investigate its mechanisms. Also, nano-copper powder is useful in osteoporosis treatment.

A 2.4-nano copper powder dispersion for strengthening copper alloy is able to increase strength and hardness as well as the softening temperatures of copper alloy. It can also improve conductivity and temperature conductivity.

2.5 Ink-conductive filler: This 100-nanometer copper product has the exclusive field emission effect as well as quantum tunneling effect. High conductive inks have the silver powder replaced by the high conductor filler. It significantly lowers costs.

Treatment of non-metal surfaces with conductive coatings. Nano aluminum, nickel, and copper powders are highly activated and can be coated at temperatures below the melting point of dust. The technology is also applicable to microelectronic device production.

2.6 Materials for bulk metals nanomaterials: Bulk copper metal nanocomposites are prepared using powder metallurgy, sintering and inert gas protection.

2.7 Metal Nano Lubricating Additive: Add 0.1% to lubricating oils and greases, create self-lubrication film and self repair film on friction pair during friction and improve friction pair’s performance against wear and friction.

2.8 The nano metal self-repairing oil: This agent is mixed with the lubricating fluid of metal friction pairs to achieve self-repairing of worn pieces of metal friction. It reduces energy consumption and saves money, improves the material’s service life, and prolongs its usefulness.

A deeper understanding of how nano-copper powder forms and the improvement and development of technology for preparing it can lead to nano copper powders with smaller particles and greater purity. Its properties and applications will be further explored.

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