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What if Shinzo Abe wears a ceramic bulletproof vest?

On July 8, 2022, Shinzo Abe was fired while providing a speech in Nara City, Nara Prefecture, and also passed away after being rescued. What if Shinzo Abe had been using a ceramic armor?

The Development of bulletproof Products
William, President of the United States in 1901. McEnley was stabbed to death as well as individuals started to try to find bulletproof methods.

Throughout World War I, the advancement of armors got in a significant stage, when the main method was to place steel plates in all-natural fiber materials. Nonetheless, because the steel plate is also bulky and also the bulletproof impact is bad, the armor developed by numerous nations has not been actually popularized.

During World War II, Britain initially established an armor constructed from 3 high-manganese steel plates; not long after, the USA additionally developed an armor made of aluminum alloy and also high-strength nylon. These 2 sort of bulletproof vests, both in terms of solidity and also stamina, have been considerably enhanced compared to the past, yet they still do not fix the weight issue.

In the 1970s, DuPont established a synthetic fiber called “Kevlar”, and the bulletproof vest product has undertaken a historic modification. Kevlar attracts 1.6 times as much shrapnel energy as nylon as well as 2 times as much steel. The trick is that it totally addresses the bulletproof vest trouble.

Nowadays, bulletproof technology has actually attained overspeed development, and also new bulletproof materials have actually been continuously developed. such as steel (special steel, light weight aluminum alloy, titanium alloy), ceramic sheet (diamond, boron carbide, silicon carbide, alumina), fiberglass, nylon, Kevlar, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, fluid safety materials, and also composite protective structural products. At the exact same time, bulletproof products are not just used to make armors, but also can be commonly used in aeronautics battleships, armored fight automobile systems and also military as well as civil special automobiles.

Ceramic bulletproof product
Compared to conventional metal products, ceramic products have the features of low density, high hardness, high stamina, high elastic modulus, thermal shock resistance and radiation protection.

Single-phase bulletproof ceramic
Since the 21st century, bulletproof ceramics have established rapidly, consisting of alumina, silicon carbide, boron carbide, silicon nitride, titanium boride and so on, amongst which alumina porcelains, silicon carbide ceramics as well as boron carbide porcelains are one of the most commonly used.

1. Alumina ceramics
As an ion bond compound, alumina ceramic has strong chemical bond pressure, high melting point (2050 ℃), excellent oxidation resistance and chemical inertia, and the sintered products have smooth surface, steady dimension as well as small cost. therefore, it is widely made use of in all type of armored lorries and army bulletproof apparel. Nevertheless, Al2O3 has low ballistic performance because of its high thickness, reduced hardness and fracture durability.

2. Boron carbide porcelains
Boron carbide is a strong covalent bond substance, covalent bond as high as 93.9%, with high melting point, phenomenal solidity (35 ~ 45GPa), second only to ruby and also cubic boron nitride, especially near consistent heat firmness and excellent mechanical properties, making B4C among the high temperature wear resistant materials with great advancement capacity. B4C has the lowest density among several generally used armored porcelains, paired with high elastic modulus, which makes it the first choice for products in armed forces shield as well as room fields. The main troubles of B4C ceramics are its high price (about 10 times that of alumina) and also high brittleness, which restricts its vast application as single-phase protective shield.

3. Silicon carbide ceramics
Silicon carbide covalent bond is incredibly solid as well as still has high strength bonding at heat. this structural attribute offers silicon carbide ceramics superb strength, high hardness, put on resistance, deterioration resistance, high thermal conductivity, excellent thermal shock resistance and so on. at the same time, silicon carbide ceramic is among one of the most prospective high-performance shield safety materials with modest cost and also high performance-to-price proportion.

Multiphase bulletproof porcelains
Although single-phase porcelains have particular bulletproof capacity, the common problem is reduced fracture sturdiness as well as high brittleness. As a result, the fortifying and also toughening of bulletproof ceramics has actually constantly been a hot research direction. The fortifying and toughening approaches generally include multicomponent ceramic system composite, functionally rated porcelains, lamellar structure design and so on.

For example, Medvedovs ki has researched the silicon carbide matrix composites such as SiC-Al2O3, SiC-Si3N4-Al2O3, SiC-Si-Al2O3 and also SiC-Si3N4-Si-Al2O3, and prepared them by pressureless sintering and response sintering. It is additional verified that their physical properties such as solidity as well as power absorption ability are more than those of the single material system. The defense coefficient of response sintered SiC based composite porcelains can get to quality 3 or grade 4. The prepared SiC-Si3N4-Al2O3 and also response sintered SiC additionally have excellent multi-impact resistance.

Clear ceramics
Modern war has greater as well as greater requirements for the armored system, which needs not only to attain omni-directional security, however additionally not to disrupt the soldiers' ' motion ability, yet to turn “passive” right into “active” as well as develop the capacity to identify targets beforehand. And the use of bait trigger as well as physical damage to ruin the “active shield” of inbound weapons has actually become a significant advantage in battle. Transparent ceramics represented by alumina nitride (AlON) and magnesia-alumina spinel (MgAl2O4) have actually been utilized in the field of shield defense, which can not just safeguard the human body however likewise observe the enemy situation at any time.

Al2O3 Price
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