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What is Bi2O3?

Bismuth trioxide (bismuth oxide) is an inorganic compound with the molecular formula Bi2O3. Pure products are alpha, beta, and delta. α type is yellow monoclinic crystal, relative density 8.9, melting point 825 ℃, soluble in acid, insoluble in water and alkali;β type is bright yellow to orange, tetragonal, relative density 8.55, melting point 860 ℃, soluble in acid, insoluble in water. It is easy to be reduced to bismuth by hydrogen and hydrocarbon.Bi2O3 is a special material with a cubic fluorite type structure and a quarter of the oxygen ion positions in the lattice are vacant, so it has a very high oxygen ion conductivity. Bismuth oxide is mainly applied to electronic ceramic powder materials, electrolyte materials, photoelectric materials, high-temperature superconducting materials, catalysts. Bismuth oxide is an important additive in electronic ceramic powder materials, the purity is generally required to be above 99.15%, mainly applied to zinc oxide varistor, ceramic capacitor, ferrite magnetic materials.

Physical properties

Bismuth trioxide is a light yellow thermal solid that turns orange on heating, reddish-brown on further heating, and returns to color on cooling. It usually exists in four crystal types, α, β, γ, and δ, among which α is stable at low temperature and changes to δ at 724℃.ε and ω types have also been reported.

Bi2O3 application

Manufacturing bismuth salt, ceramic glaze.Clinical testing of sugars and alkaloids.1. Electronic materials: powder of electronic components such as ceramic dielectric capacity, varistor, piezoelectric ceramics, etc. Adding ultrafine bismuth oxide powder can greatly improve the relevant parameters and improve the performance of components;2, ferrite magnetic materials, adding ultrafine bismuth oxide powder can improve magnetic induction intensity, permeability and flux density, optimize the performance of magnetic materials;3, petrochemical industry catalyst, the use of its specific surface area, high activity, good selectivity characteristics, greatly improve the catalytic activity, effectively reduce the cost of production, and related passivating agent, additives, etc.;4, color picture tube shadow mask coating material, can effectively prevent the shadow mask bulge;Automobile topcoat component, replace toxic metal, achieve green environmental protection;5, glass, ceramic colorant, glaze color, etc.;6, high-performance Bismuth silicate single crystal, Bismuth high-temperature superconducting materials, high quality optical glass, optical fiber, fireworks, new oxidation sensing materials, fuel cell electrolyte, rechargeable alkaline zn-Mn battery, flame retardant, clarifying agent, etc.;7, green environmental protection flame retardant, replace toxic antimony flame retardant.8, for environmental protection battery additives, can improve the performance of the battery .

Bi2O3 Supplier

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