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What is Calcium Nitride Ca3N2?

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Calcium nitride

This is a brown solid nitride powder. It can also be used as an inorganic compound with components calcium and nitrogen. Called Ca3N2, calcium nitride has the chemical formula. You can find it in many isomorphs, with the most common being a-calcium. High purity and even distribution of the particle size make calcium nitride powder an attractive choice. Calcium nitride, which is red-brown and crystalline in nature, is made up of nitrogen and calcium.

1. Powdered calcium nitride Ca3N2

Ca3N2 forms when the calcium melts in the atmosphere. The distilled metallic fibrous calcium should be heated to 450°C in an oxygen stream. After that, the metallic calcium will be nitrided to Calcium Nitride within three to four hours.

The color of the calcium nitride obtained depends on its temperature. It can range from black to 350°C, and milky white between 350 and 1150°C. Or it could be golden yellow at higher temperatures (1150 or more). The calcium nitride that reacts with water, moisture and heat can be easily identified and produced calcium hydroxide or ammonia.

2. Ca3N2 powder’s physical and chemical characteristics

Calcium nitride can be described as a brown crystal. It is also an ionic chemical with a density at 2.63g/cm3 (and a melting point at 1195). Its CAS Number is 12013-82-0. The mololar mass of this compound is 148.248g*mol-1. You can find it as a black or golden yellow hexagonal crystal, depending on the conditions. Its cubic crystal structure can be found. A-calcium nutride can also be converted to bcalcium nitride by 700. A-calcium Nitride has an antibixbyite structure similar to MnO but with the ions in reverse. Ca3N2 covalent or ionic? Ionic bond to Calcium Nitride: Ca3N2.

Calcium nitride breaks down into calcium hydroxide. It also releases ammonia in water. It dissolves in dilute acids and is decomposed in anhydrous alcohol. Also, it can react with hydrogen and make calcium hydroide or calcium amide.

3. Ca3N2 powder is used

Calcium nitride can be used in many areas of the chemical industry as a chemical reagent. So How is calcium nitride useful? They can be used in a variety of high temperature applications due to their chemical inertness, high temperature resistance, and their ability to resist high temperatures. You can use calcium nitride to make reactive nitride. Calcium hydride may also be made by heating calcium-nitride and hydrogen to temperatures of 350 degrees Celsius.

Ca3N2 can be written N2Ca3 so why is that?


To be clear, Ca3N2 cannot ever be used as N2Ca3. First, the positive should be mentioned. Formulating formulas for ionic substances requires two principles. Both have to do to with charges. The other is to determine which atom you should write first.

Calcium hydride acts as a chemical analysis reagent, desiccant and reducing agent. It’s used in powder metalurgisty. To make the same metal powder, heat it from 600 to 1000.

What are the effects of calcium and nitrogen?

Essential hydrogen storage material is Calcium Nitride. Hydrogen is a completely pollution-free source of renewable energy and an ideal resource for green energy.

Calcium nitride, the principal raw material of high-end Phosphor is used. These types of phosphors perform better at high temperatures and humidity, as they are less stable.

The last, but certainly not the least, is calcium nitride which can also be used chemically as a treatment agent. This key ingredient determines the effectiveness of water-based and muds.

4. Is Ca3N2 powder toxic?

Ca3N2 exposure can lead to eye injury and skin damage. It is also a flammable liquid, which means that it should not be exposed to heat, sparks or open flames.

5. How can I store Ca3N2 Powder?

Store calcium nitride Ca3N2 Powder in cool, dry, and closed containers. You should transport it as normal cargo, and protect it from high pressure.

6. Is Ca3N2 powder available at a reasonable price?

Ca3N2 prices can fluctuate depending on market conditions. They might range from 80-$260, or higher. Mis-asia can provide the best Ca3N2 price if you want to buy bulk Ca3N2 for your company or projects.

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