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What is FAG roller bearing?

What is FAG roller bearing?
FAG bearing brand is also originated from a genius inspiration. As early as 1883, in the small German town of Schweinfurt, Friedrich Fischer designed a special steel ball grinder that made it possible for the first time to use the grinding process to produce perfectly spherical steel balls. The invention is considered the cornerstone of the rolling bearing industry. This is also the reason why FAG bearings have long been recognized as the pioneers of rolling bearing technology. Today, FAG bearing has become one of the leading brands in machinery manufacturing, an automotive industry, and aerospace technology.FAG bearings produce a wide range of ball and FAG roller bearings with diameters from 3 mm to 4.25 m, including standard products based on samples and non-standard products based on special customer requirements.
FAG roller bearing features
The structure and working principle of rolling bearing ensure that its motion friction coefficient is low, the friction force is small, has good mechanical efficiency, can maintain low power consumption in the process of mechanical equipment operation, and good starting performance. Rolling bearings have good accuracy and speed, can meet the operation requirements of a variety of mechanical equipment. Rolling bearings suffer from small friction and low wear in the operation of equipment, so they have a long service life.There are some products in rolling bearings, which can realize the function of automatic aligning, and more widely meet the needs of industrial production. Rolling bearing compact structure, small volume, lightweight, convenient installation, and disassembly. The various parts of rolling bearings have realized the standardization of size, which is not only conducive to the production of rolling bearings but also conducive to the exchange of rolling bearing parts, making it easier to repair and maint. Most rolling bearings use bearing steel as the main material, and the standardized and serialized parts are more conducive to large-scale industrial manufacturing and stable quality assurance.
FAG single row cylindrical roller bearings are separable bearings for easy installation and disassembly. Both rings can be fitted with a tight fit. Modified contact lines between rollers and raceways can reduce stress concentration.The types of FAG cylindrical roller bearings are divided according to the different forms of their fenders. The outer ring of a NU bearing has two guard edges and the inner ring has no guard edges. A N-type bearing inner ring has two guard edges, an outer ring without guard edges. Type NU and Type N cylindrical roller bearings are used for floating ends.NJ cylindrical roller bearing outer ring has two guard edges, the inner ring has guard edges, can withstand one direction of the axial force.NUP cylindrical roller bearing spare fixed end can withstand two directions of axial force.
FAG cylindrical roller bearings with modified roller and raceway contact lines can reduce stress concentration.The maximum allowable deflection Angle of single row cylindrical roller bearings is 4 '. Specific requirements can be consulted by the technical engineer of Bidiai (Tianjin) Bearing Co., LTD.FAG cylindrical roller bearing manufacturing tolerance grade for the ordinary class.FAG cylindrical roller bearing manufacturing clearance grade for the ordinary class.
In some cases, the reference speed may exceed the limit speed. Specific operating conditions are considered by measuring the heat generated at the maximum permissible operating speed. Specific technical requirements can be consulted to Bida. Most FAG cylindrical roller bearings of the 2E,22E,3E, and 23E series use fiberglass-reinforced polyamide (nylon) cages. Roller bearing without cage without suffix means the use of stamped steel cage; The suffixes M and M1 indicate machined brass solid retainers with roller guidance. After heat treatment, the working temperature of FAG cylindrical roller bearings can reach 150°, and the bearing with an outer diameter of more than 120mm can reach 150° within 200°.
FAG roller bearing application
Rolling bearings can play a supporting role in the normal operation of the shaft and the parts between the shafts in the rotation process, and can also make the shaft in the normal working position, improve the accuracy of rotation in the operation process. Of course, if the rolling bearing encounters some failures in the process of use, it will also be very convenient to maintain, and at the same time, the reliability of work will also be higher.
Secondly, the starting performance of rolling bearings can also be good, and they can maintain relatively high bearing capacity at medium speeds. However, compared with the sliding bearing shaft, the radial size of this product is relatively large, so the shock absorption capacity may not be particularly good, and when running at high speed, the life will decline, and there will be a large sound.
In addition, rolling bearings can well reduce the loss caused by friction, and further improve labor efficiency by reducing people's workload.In daily work, there are many occasions for the use of rolling bearings.
FAG roller bearing supplier
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