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What is molybdenum Disilicide used for

What is Molybdenum disilicide?

Molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2, or molybdenum silicide), an intermetallic compound, a silicide of molybdenum, is a refractory ceramic with primary use in heating elements. It has moderate density, a melting point of 2030 °C, and is electrically conductive.  The thermal stability of MoSi2, alongside its high emissivity, makes this material, WSi2, attractive for applications as a high emissivity coating in heat shields for atmospheric entry. MoSi2 is a gray metallic-looking material with a tetragonal crystal structure (alpha-modification); its beta-modification is hexagonal and unstable.  Also, at above 1200 °C, it loses creep resistance. These properties limit its use as a structural material but may be offset by using it with another material as a composite material.


Molybdenum disilicide and MoSi2-based materials are usually made by sintering

Molybdenum disilicide and MoSi2-based materials are typically caused by sintering.  Molybdenum disilicide heating elements can be used for temperatures up to 1800 °C in electric furnaces used in laboratory and production environments to produce glass, steel, electronics, ceramics, and heat treatment of materials. While the elements are brittle, they can operate at high power without aging, and their electrical resistivity does not increase with operation time. Their maximum operating temperature has to be lowered in atmospheres with low oxygen content due to the breakdown of the passivation layer. Other ceramic materials for heating elements include silicon carbide, barium titanate, and lead titanate composite materials. Molybdenum disilicide is used in microelectronics as a contact material. It is often used as a shunt over polysilicon lines to increase their conductivity and signal speed.


What is molybdenum Disilicide used for?

Molybdenum disilicide is used in microelectronics as a contact material.  MoSi2 Heating element is a unique material that has the best properties of both ceramic and metallic materials. Like ceramic materials, it withstands corrosion and oxidation and has a low thermal expansion. And it also has good thermal and electrical conductivity, like metallic materials.


Price of Molybdenum disilicide

Molybdenum disilicide particle size and purity will affect the product's Price, and the purchase volume can also affect the cost of Molybdenum disilicide. A large amount of large amount will be lower. The Price of Molybdenum disilicide is on our company's official website.


Molybdenum disilicide supplier

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